she listens to the stars they say
2003-01-06 06:48:38 ET

every week, its the same deal with me. maybe i am obsessive compulsive but...i end up doing the same shit every weekend. friday at the mountain. the usual suspects, the usual drunken/high stumble home. laid out all day woken up by aarons friends coming over. so i was MAD tired by the time i went out to buttcave...which i had planned to miss. but the SK.NET crew was gonna repreZENT so i felt like i had to roll out. all in all, a decent night. i'm glad i went, despite being too exhuasted to dance most of the evening. and for me, that is tired indeed. found out about a possible symbiotic/life [c]ried gig. that would rock. back to the saltmines.

2003-01-06 10:13:51 ET

ah, yes... same old, same old. i do basically the same thing every week.

2003-01-06 10:16:53 ET

me too! i cant tell one week from another anymore. whenever something different is scheduled to happen, i get so excited! like DAS ICH this saturday. of course, this involves going to batcave again.

2003-01-06 10:49:27 ET

hell yea bro! we are in no rush for a show, so im waiting to hear from jarv when you guys are ready to book! it will be phat!

2003-01-06 11:03:23 ET

dude, imagine the fun we will have!

2003-01-06 11:08:26 ET

::conjures up more L[C] fan club ideas::

2003-01-06 11:14:32 ET

haha, lol, hell yea bro, it will be hot!

2003-01-06 11:43:40 ET


2003-01-06 11:58:33 ET

L[C]/Symobiotic remix warzzzz.

I need to get in better shape.
And quit smoking.

2003-01-06 12:00:44 ET

story of my life

2003-01-06 12:01:09 ET

2003 meets

- dinner at salad bar
- afternoon in the park jogging
- night at smokefree/no-alcohol bars (nonexistant, I know)

hahah... riiiight...

On a similar note, my girly pants I bought to fit me exactly are now falling off me when I try to dance... %^$^&*&@& - loosing weight is expensive, I keep buying new clothes!!

2003-01-06 12:02:35 ET

Eat more, tubby.

2003-01-06 12:06:14 ET


You can have my leftovers.

2003-01-06 12:10:55 ET

2003 meets=drunken debauchery

insomnia: i went through the same thing. having a belt helps

2003-01-06 12:11:45 ET

My belt is too big. I punched another hole in it and if I belt it around my pants now I look like a clown.

::goes belt shopping::

2003-01-06 12:12:59 ET

yea, my belt is too big for me also, an absurd amount hangs off the side: it looks terrible.

2003-01-06 12:13:48 ET

::takes az belt shopping::

I need to find someone who fits my old belt, then I can just donate it...

2003-01-06 12:15:50 ET

word: i need a new belt. -sigh- i am a lazy fuck

2003-01-06 12:15:59 ET

wintermute gave me one of his belts cause my shorts didnt fit me, nuff said. :P

2003-01-06 12:17:18 ET


What size do you need, Az? We can start a belt-giving circle. . .

2003-01-06 12:19:59 ET

I take off my belt to hit people with it.

2003-01-06 19:42:27 ET

im a 32 waist nowadays...when i was married and fat i was at least a all my pants are loose

2003-01-08 01:11:43 ET


2003-01-08 02:06:26 ET

Woah, you were married, AT? Scary.

And I, also, would like to "Gets you". In much the same context as Lars.

2003-01-08 07:19:56 ET

turbo: you got me!

slaad: yea, i was...a good life experience. but regretable

2003-01-08 11:47:47 ET

How old are you AT, if you don't mind me asking? How old were you when you were married?

2003-01-08 11:53:41 ET

i am currently 29..i married when i was 26

2003-01-08 11:54:38 ET

Woah... man, you're ancient :P

I thought you were early twenties. You don't look ancient.

2003-01-08 11:57:44 ET

dude, ive been saying alll along what an old fart i am. ancient like the ents

2003-01-08 12:00:05 ET

I thought you just meant you felt old. Not that you were old like the ents ;)

2003-01-08 12:01:19 ET

yep, as old as the hills...sigh

2003-01-08 12:01:52 ET

I'm still recovering from you being married... let alone you being an old fart ;)

2003-01-08 12:04:55 ET

hey fucked up shit happens careful, it may happen to you!

2003-01-08 12:09:16 ET

Time to go on guard duty to fight the evil that is me being married.

2003-01-08 12:10:45 ET

resistance is futile...the man actually has very little say in it, i've discovered

2003-01-08 12:11:46 ET

Is that how it was with you?
AT-Woman> Honey, we are getting married.
AT> But... I've got like... stuff to do, and I don't really want to.
AT-Woman> Don't you love me? Wedding is Thursday.

2003-01-08 12:17:54 ET

that is disturbingly close to the truth...its called entrapment...which is supposed to be illegal!

2003-01-08 12:23:43 ET

Ouch! I feel for you.

2003-01-08 12:27:54 ET

like i said: good learning experience...but its made me very very suspicious of females lately

2003-01-09 00:29:08 ET so behind on here lately :-\

but yes...i did get make more music :-D

2003-01-09 09:26:44 ET

yes sir!

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