you're a stranger i'll never get to know
2003-01-09 11:06:25 ET

so its official, i am going to QXT's this friday. EK's potential new bass player [formerly of drop shadow] will be in town this weekend so i will roll out to meet him. plus i'll get to chill with the EK crew as well as assorted other Q's residents. also i will get the updated tracks from jarv. not two, but 3 new symbiotic tracks in the works. i am uber excited about this.

for those of you who didn't know, i joined eye kandy to play live keyboards for them early last year to support them on their spring mini-tour. if you wanna check it out, go to:


so anyway, who's down for a little QXT's?


Which Skinny Puppy song are you?

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2003-01-09 11:20:37 ET

skinny puppy are my friends.


2003-01-09 11:22:49 ET

puppy! the beginning and end of 'modern industrial'
i sweat them so much...i steal ohgr's vocal stylings all the time

go symbiotic!

2003-01-09 11:31:17 ET


Which Skinny Puppy song are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

2003-01-09 11:32:16 ET

hmm...yes...i believe one of the members has a solo project but i can never remember his name...

2003-01-09 11:41:45 ET

7evin key...yea, he's got a solo project but so does OHGR. i saw the ohgr show in new york...damn good! and especially cause KEY was there!

2003-01-09 11:44:21 ET

I won't be at Q's.
But have fun. :]

Everytime I'm at Generations I see that Eyekandy CD in the used bin and I never pick it up. Heh,

2003-01-09 11:47:05 ET

sounds rad

yes, my friend recently got 7evin key's album off of emusic and she's also said she'll get me anything i want off of there cause it's just a 10 bux a month subscription fee (she's too nice to me)...i should see if she'll make me a copy of that as well...and hmm...does ohgr have any cd's out?

2003-01-09 11:47:53 ET

No Q's for me, but I'll be at BC Sat!

Ohgr held my jacket at the Black and Blue Ball while I danced with his girlfriend. ohyeah.

2003-01-09 11:51:52 ET

bio: too bad...steph might be there :x pick it up next time!

turbo: yes, OHGR has a solo record called 'welt' its good

insomnia: nice! i never got to meet OHGR

2003-01-09 11:53:24 ET

Maybe I should invite Steph to my misogynystic power electronics D&D game. :P

Q's friday night is their 80s night. Fuck that noise.

2003-01-09 11:53:52 ET

I talked to him for an hour about the state of modern education. I made sure to avoid discussing music just so I could have an unusual experience. It rocked.

2003-01-09 11:56:44 ET

bio: not downstairs! yea...i wouldnt bring up the D&D if possible

insomnia: that rules.

2003-01-09 11:58:19 ET

Once I was there and they didn't even open downstairs. Fuckers.

P.S. girls love loser roleplayers! :P

2003-01-09 12:00:57 ET

those arent really hot topics either. dont try to impress her with your knowledge of music. just be yourself. you are a nice person...and please do not put any pressure on yourself...thats the deathblow. girls can sense that miles away. relax, have fun and get a good conversation going.

2003-01-09 12:04:16 ET

But I'm bad at making good conversation. :[
But good at making bad conversation!

I'm going to use cheat codes.

2003-01-09 12:06:24 ET

talk about stuff that she might have an interest in. i dont know her well enough to know what topics this might include. you'll have to feel her out a bit [not feel her up, btw]

2003-01-09 12:11:02 ET

"I see you have two breasts. Are you interested in having them felt up?"

She likes the same kind of music I like. :P
And I bet she likes puppies.
Who doesn't?

2003-01-09 12:12:55 ET

does she like skinny puppies?

(badoom ching)

2003-01-09 21:19:55 ET

bio: you are hopeless...but give it your best shot

turbo: that was awful! lol

2003-01-10 08:33:40 ET

toting a puppy around= chick magnet.
is this the steph i'm thinking of? lxtrofilia@aol, electrofilia@LJ?

2003-01-10 08:51:29 ET

i dont know her internet handles...i barely know her...but bio might know, i'm sure he stalks her. lol

2003-01-10 14:01:11 ET

bio stalks everybody.

2003-01-11 09:56:03 ET

biostalker :x

2003-01-11 10:12:41 ET

She was at Q's last night Bio - alone!
Go get her

2003-01-11 10:24:55 ET

Time for...

Operation: Mack.

Bio is not a stalker. 8]

2003-01-11 11:38:13 ET

Just get help from Gus Bio - he was ON last night. ::grins::

2003-01-11 12:15:25 ET

I wish I was as good of a slut as Gus. :[

2003-01-12 13:03:52 ET

insomnia: what do you mean????

bio: hey! i am not a slut!

2003-01-12 13:19:30 ET

I saw you at Q's ;-)

2003-01-12 13:24:29 ET

i was just chillin, no action for least i dont think so

2003-01-12 13:55:22 ET

You were making out on the dance floor again.

2003-01-12 15:01:59 ET

that was just a little tiny bit...

2003-01-12 15:06:01 ET

it counts!

2003-01-12 15:11:03 ET

geez, nothing gets by was like 2 seconds!

2003-01-12 15:18:12 ET

That's why I love being the sober one - I know everything!!

2003-01-12 15:19:14 ET

insmonia the omnipotent

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