you cut me to the core
2003-01-13 10:21:58 ET

weekend: friday dinner with my bro and others at the mountain. got pretty tanked up, then headed to QXT's. almost got lost walking there. saw many peeps, hung out with the EK crew mostly. we had to leave in a hurry because one of our crew almost got knifed. missed when the DJ spun 'disintegrated'...that blew.

diner, then crashed at tom's. get up next morning and hang out with pubes and eric who were in town from cincy. chill guys. finally the EK crew get up and we go grab another diner chill. this time with chris [deathcondition] after that we get some ketel one and head back to the party palace. meet up with lenny, amy and steph. by the time we get to batcave, its 11:30. not that i could have seen any of the was death packed.

a good amount of dancing and drinking and general foolery ensued. in attendance: insomnia, storm, furax, die cyber ananas, deathcondition, wintermute. [assorted other hangers on] noticably ABSENT: biomechanic. anyway, good times were had by all.

sunday: sat around recovering from the weekend. started thinking about the new symbiotic tracks.

song one: another dance hit in the works. trying desperately to come up with a real catchy chorus.

song two: probably gonna be the last track on the album...crystal method meets ministry

song three: synthpop ballad.

more as it developes

2003-01-13 10:40:30 ET

Tom keeps dressing like me. And he tried to make me dance to Symbiotic.

Gus was ON this weekend. But he wouldn't sit on the dance floor.

2003-01-13 10:57:17 ET

you mean you DIDNT dance to symbiotic? i'm hurt ;p

jeez, i havent been that fukt [zenwarp] in a long time.

2003-01-13 10:58:27 ET

I barely danced to anything. I hate downstairs when it's packed. I listened though ;-)

Yeah Zenwarp was the big one I will most likely refer to for the whole time I know you. heh.

2003-01-13 11:03:21 ET

thats all i can ask

and i hope to never have a repeat of zenwarp...that was truely pathetic

2003-01-13 11:08:52 ET

I danced to Symbiotic.

Life is a synthpop ballad.

2003-01-13 11:11:55 ET

You weren't there Bio!

And I think Zenwarp night was endearing. It's not often someone is that endearing when piss drunk, I'll tell ya. . .

2003-01-13 11:14:12 ET

bio: when?

life is a glimmer, a moment
life is a flame, consuming itself
life in itself has no meaning, unless given one
life is a fat drum loop
repetitive, racing toward its final destiny
to be no more

2003-01-13 11:15:10 ET

insomnia: i have no idea what i said or how i acted. its embarrasing. good thing you were there to keep me out of trouble

2003-01-13 11:16:54 ET

I hear that Zenwarp story a lot.
I dance to Symbiotic all the time.

Life is in a synthpop balled in the sense that you'll hear a trance remix of it at a club and you'll be upset 'cause the DJ won't listen to your requests to play A Flock of Seagulls.

2003-01-13 11:18:17 ET

true, since its all basically the same thing. that is annoying

2003-01-13 11:48:04 ET

cant wait to hear the new stuff (-:

2003-01-13 11:51:18 ET

You don't even know the half of the Zenwarp story, Bio.

2003-01-13 11:51:33 ET

wish me luck! gotta keep the quality as high as possible...especially the lyrics. the music is so strong, i dont wanna make the songs worse with my inane screeching

2003-01-13 11:51:35 ET

azrael: hehehehhe, "crystal meth meets ministry" lol, i definatly remember that track! hah

bio: you pansy, you better get a better fake ID so you can party again, woman! you missed out... i bet you wouldve gotten to find some drunk girl that wouldve let you touch her boob :P

2003-01-13 11:53:10 ET

I know, damnit.

Does you know who like me?

2003-01-13 11:53:18 ET

death: lol...that track still makes me crack up. talk about out of nowhere!

bio: yea dude, there were mad drunken hussies that night. although i did get some insight into why you had trouble at the door. on friday some drunk underage fool collapsed right in front of a cop outside of downtime. so they had to tighten the security.

2003-01-13 11:59:24 ET

Yeah, I noticed the cop by the door.
Think they'll be loosening up anytime soon?

Or am I going to have to go to DC's mom's house for that?

2003-01-13 12:04:00 ET

heh heh, the cop left by the time i showed up (11:30ish)... only one there was the normal door guy.. you should've just come later or came back in an hour :)

2003-01-13 12:14:05 ET

Hah ohyeah Bio forgot to mention - I got in and Anthony says "your friend can't get in? He can use my ID" Fucking hilarious. You could pass for me before you could pass for Anthony.

2003-01-13 12:14:57 ET

hahahah! thats funny

2003-01-13 12:16:36 ET

My favorite was:

biomechanic flashes his NYU ID.
Sickbox: Wow ... that looks just like you.
biomechanic: That is me.

2003-01-13 12:19:34 ET


2003-01-13 12:25:05 ET

And then Anthony being a moron:

Insomnia - "he looks more like he could be my little brother"
Anth - "I've never seen your little brother"
Insomnia - "no, I mean.... pfft. I'm going somewhere else now."

2003-01-13 12:52:22 ET

lol! great anthony story. very typical of him

bio: re: sickbox...that was awesome. lol

death: the cops were just leaving as we pulled up. the door accused amy of having a fake ID, even though hers is totally legit!

2003-01-13 12:53:25 ET

wow, thats fucked, i missed that cause i ran ahead of you guys cause it was fucking freeeeezzing!

2003-01-13 19:50:05 ET

Sounds to me like you have a very interesting life. :)

2003-01-13 20:13:12 ET

death: yea dude...he was totally like..get a better fake ID!

rivetangel: not really...a whole weekend crammed into a couple of paragraphs always sounds better than it was.

2003-01-14 11:09:06 ET

hah, thats funny being that she is older than me, jeezz!

2003-01-14 11:12:59 ET

hahaha...she was like 'are you serious?'

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