you've broken me down before
2003-01-20 14:21:51 ET

just got back from an jersey excursion. friday night, i got sloshed per the usual. i should have left way earlier...we'll just leave it at that.

saturday: batcave. hung out with many peeps. it was fun times. then back to deathcondition's pad for a snooze. wake up the next day and grab a diner chill with tom and missy before they split for texas. then to jarv's to start tracking vocals for the new symbiotic shit. 'core' is tracked and i have a rough mixdown in my possession. should be a hit with fans of harsh EBM. 'subtract' is tracked but needs restructuring and massive editing. kaliss came in and threw in a wicked hook which just topped off what should be an excellent track. should be done by the end of the week. we also made an executive decision to alter the chorus of 'last emotion'. we hope to make it much better.

crashed over and now i'm home. i have hours upon hours of freelance in front of me. better get to it.

2003-01-20 14:35:55 ET

rawk.. cant wait to hear it!!!

are you doing guest vocals on lc?

2003-01-20 14:38:25 ET

i'll show you some stuff sometime (maybe a pregame)

yes! i plan on doing some guest vocals for l[c]...should be fun!

2003-01-20 14:42:27 ET

i bet you have a pretty voice!

2003-01-20 14:46:06 ET

hah! i wouldnt use the word 'pretty'...more like 'rancid'

2003-01-20 14:52:47 ET

i'm sure you have a lovely 'rancid' voice. :)

2003-01-20 15:02:12 ET

hahaha, i sound like a combination of the lead singers of hocico and suicide commando in 'core'

i totally went nuts on that track...but i actually tried to sing on 'subtract' ugh

we'll see how that turns out...eep


2003-01-20 15:15:19 ET

My singing voice is a lot like the lead singer from the Cocteau Twins.

2003-01-20 15:20:45 ET

i can imagine!

2003-01-20 15:34:46 ET

hahaha, bio, again... "you silly fuck"

2003-01-20 15:38:33 ET

Except my voice is possibly more pretty and ethereal.

2003-01-20 15:50:37 ET

cant wait to hear it (-:

2003-01-20 15:53:02 ET

death: bio is a funny dude

bio: im gonna put you to the test one day

turbo: soon

2003-01-20 16:19:03 ET

bio = gay

2003-01-20 16:25:35 ET

bio=likes to be funny

2003-01-20 16:26:49 ET

bio = has his sexuality questioned all the time, still manages to like touching girls (except for DC :P).

2003-01-20 16:27:12 ET

bio=my bitch

2003-01-20 16:31:10 ET

bio: you womantoucher you

DC: hey, leave my bitch alone!

2003-01-20 16:33:44 ET

haha, ok than YOUR my bitch, bitch!

2003-01-20 16:36:04 ET

I'm a new age kind of guy.
I'm my own bitch. :P

2003-01-20 16:39:27 ET

bio = my kid
dc = my brother

damn child molesters...

2003-01-20 16:39:36 ET

DC: hahahahha

bio: new age cocteau twin bitch

2003-01-20 16:39:45 ET

i would just like to say that i absolutely LUUUV 'core'. you freakin rawk, man

cannot wait to hear more!

2003-01-20 16:57:28 ET

thanks alot turbo!!!!

2003-01-20 17:02:41 ET

I'm wearing my L[C] shirt.

Azrael, you have to start merchandising!

2003-01-20 17:04:02 ET

the ghetto one? i left mine in jarv's car...dammit

symbiotic gear will be available one the distant future

2003-01-20 17:09:48 ET

Yeah, my ghetto one.
Mute of Winter once said he'd fork over his until they printed up new ones.

But, c'mon...
I'm seen in so many key locations!
I'm like free advertising.
Give me stuff.

2003-01-20 17:11:49 ET

soon...very soon.

we wanna make symbiotic hoodies!

2003-01-20 19:00:48 ET

i'll buy everything...haha

as yogurt would say, moychendising, moychendising! where the real money is made!

2003-01-20 19:05:47 ET

Awww.... BIO, you have the same name as me!!!

2003-01-20 19:11:17 ET

turbo: yea, one day

storm: i didnt know you were a c. twins fan!

2003-01-20 19:12:43 ET

Dude... since I was 15!!! <3 <3 <3
I like LUSH and THIS MORTAL COIL a lot too, but THAT I'm ashamed of. Haha...

2003-01-20 19:14:12 ET

wow! cocteaustorm!

2003-01-20 19:15:10 ET

No real names please. hahaha....

2003-01-20 19:17:58 ET

my lips are sealed :x

2003-01-20 19:19:07 ET

Lizzy McGlowsticks....

2003-01-20 19:24:40 ET

You are fucking cruising, Turbo.

2003-01-20 19:29:13 ET

hehehehehe <evil grin>

2003-01-20 19:31:09 ET

cruise right on over to new york, why dont ya. we don't bite...well, most of us don't. well, ok...most of us do...but it'll be worth the chill!

2003-01-20 19:33:17 ET

lol <nods>

no kidding...and well biting is fun. :-D

once i get a job it's definately on my list of goals...who knows...might even live there for awhile...<shrug>

2003-01-20 19:38:30 ET

do it!

2003-01-20 19:44:39 ET

you can count on it

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