with my tongue, i touch your mind
2003-01-22 10:47:22 ET

i recieved my sk.net shirt in the mail yesterday. i <3 my sk.net shirt

been fried the past couple of days. lots of work. doesnt happen too often...thank goodness. i dont think i could hang with that. been giving 'core' to anyone who was interested. so far the feedback has been unbelievable.

have to meet up with the ex today so i can give her money for the divorce lawyer...who suddenly felt that he charged too little initially. I HATE LAWYERS. they are the scum of the earth.

mad bills to pay. bills are another thing i dont like.

almost forgot! kaliss whipped up a PHAT remix of 'disintegrated' so if anyone wants it....let me know. gotta get back to work now. -sigh-

2003-01-22 10:55:03 ET

You were married? Holy shit.


I want a SK shirt. It goes well w/hookers and coke.

2003-01-22 10:56:37 ET

yep...i was

everything goes well with hookers and coke

2003-01-22 11:01:45 ET

Unless you marry the hookers.

(I'd rather marry the coke)

2003-01-22 11:03:07 ET

yea, i guess marraige doesnt go well with hookers and coke

not as well as toast does, at any rate

2003-01-22 11:04:30 ET

Someone is forgetting to throw a little n0g into the mix :P

2003-01-22 11:13:24 ET

nothings better than whores and heroin (enough to kill keith richards)

2003-01-22 11:19:05 ET

I'd rather snort the cook off the hooker.

Gus and I were married in Sri Lanka. :P

2003-01-22 11:27:59 ET

ananas: -slaps forhead- how could i forget NOG?

automata: i hate needles

bio: and then you woke up ;P

2003-01-22 11:31:07 ET



2003-01-22 11:36:20 ET

nothing like a little man-nog to get the day off on the right foot

2003-01-22 12:38:05 ET

nothin says lovin like a little man-nog

2003-01-22 17:13:33 ET

hmm...money sux...good luck with all of that

lars wants the remix! :-D

and hmm...i must get a poseur shirt whenever i get money again...

2003-01-22 19:19:08 ET

you got it! =)

i got the green on black...its rockin

2003-01-22 20:46:47 ET

i do got it!

and it ownz. ownz ownz ownz ownz ownz :-D

thanks man

2003-01-22 20:47:31 ET

the synth work reminds me of some code of ethics stuff, actually

2003-01-23 07:09:45 ET

that is high praise indeed. you better watch out, i might start getting a swelled up head

2003-01-23 12:24:01 ET

lol...as long as you dont turn into fred durst, it's all good ;-)

2003-01-23 12:25:19 ET

Nu-future pop.

2003-01-23 13:48:46 ET

turbo: no worries there

bio: you really think symbiotic is future pop?

2003-01-23 13:50:56 ET

he doesnt, he's just being a bastard

heck, he claims storm is a raver!

2003-01-23 13:52:00 ET

bio is more raver-er than any of us

2003-01-23 13:54:17 ET


2003-01-23 14:00:35 ET

he's raver castro

2003-01-23 14:02:04 ET

I'm the raviest of the rave.

It's kind of future poppy, Azrael. :[

2003-01-23 14:02:38 ET

it doesnt strike me as futurepop at all...hmmm...oh well

2003-01-23 14:14:34 ET

bio: ack!

turbo: maybe he's right! ack!

2003-01-23 14:17:18 ET

::cranks up the distortion a bit::

Have you considered a wave of white noise?

2003-01-23 14:18:05 ET

there's nothing wrong with futurepop...if thats what we are, thats what we are

2003-01-23 14:20:41 ET

i wouldn't say you're futurepop in the least ;-P

but eh <shrug>...i love symbiotic...i dont care what genre you are...i also think ebm/futurepop/powernoise/etc.etc.etc. are all just freakin subgenres of industrial and get rather confusing so for me its just simple to call it all industrial ;-P

2003-01-23 14:25:29 ET

yea, i dont know/care about genres...if i like something, why should it matter? genres are created by elitists or labels for the purpose of marketing...they are ultimately meaningless

2003-01-23 14:27:43 ET

yup (-:

2003-01-23 14:28:51 ET

... and telling different kinds of music apart.

2003-01-23 14:30:14 ET

but what about music that doesnt have a genre?

primus, anyone? :-P

2003-01-23 14:30:37 ET

altho well technically cd sites and what-not list primus under their own genre simply called "primus"...lol

2003-01-23 14:31:05 ET

I'm not familiar with that one.

Music genres to me are kind of like adjectives.

2003-01-23 14:32:29 ET

they can be, but they're also way overused. emo, anyone?

2003-01-23 14:35:28 ET

Nod, I understand.

Music that has an emotional response on me is much different than emo music in general.

But industrial is a crazy vague genre, ...

Random: I can't tell if there's dust on this record, or if it's part of the music. :]

2003-01-23 15:26:39 ET

its useful to a point...just for communication...but when it begins to put barriers up, that sucks

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