2003-01-29 13:05:25 ET

for once i didnt mind the weather. it was a calm, beautiful snowfall this morning. and it was not too cold! whew, i have been writing too much about symbiotic recently. time to cut that out and get back to the real world. the demo is going into final production next week and there won't be any new material for awhile. [well, aside from a remix of sub-tract] then time to bait the hook and see who bites. i have to give love to all the peeps who have given us such awesome support from the beginning.

i am looking forward to a weekend of debauchery. i missed last weekend...but im coming back with a vengence! plan to rock q's and batcave. hope to see some of you there.

2003-01-29 13:08:24 ET

"Demo" ? What's the deal with that?

2003-01-29 13:08:29 ET

i could use a weekend of debauchery lucky man

anyway...symbiotic still ownz! good luck with all of that (-:

and its actually not too cold for a change? amazing!

2003-01-29 13:08:38 ET

I liked today too. Clubs this weekend again? I'm staying in, I have a book to finish. I'd be up for dinner but no clubs.

I was walking around with no hat and gloves and not feeling like I was gonna get frostbite! yay!

2003-01-29 13:12:54 ET

*is hooked*

... but of course you already knew that... =P

2003-01-29 13:39:14 ET

the goober is a supporter, even though ive only heard one song

2003-01-29 13:43:00 ET

slaad: yea...demo. we gotta see if anyone is interested in us before we cut more songs

turbo: yea time!

insomnia: if you plan something, i might be up for some chinese

blu: silly goose

goober: thanks for your support!

2003-01-29 13:45:14 ET

no dammit!

i told you this yesterday!

im no *%#$@ goose! im a swan.... hmmpf

2003-01-29 13:46:43 ET


2003-01-29 13:49:03 ET

By "anyone" do you mean labels?

I don't know how hard it is to be in an unsigned band, but regardless of record label interest you should still keep making m00sic.

2003-01-29 13:59:58 ET

i forgot what the reason was you couldnt come to my night but its ok though...

i am going to miss my saturday nights: i almsot cant wait for this thing to fail so i can rock it at q's again

2003-01-29 14:20:22 ET

we missed you last weekend, I won't be out again for another few weeks but you better come to the party on the 1st. I am expecting your karoke...

2003-01-29 14:24:00 ET

blu: silly pants

slaad: yes...labels. we will perhaps make more if we have some interest, even if we dont get a contract. also if we get any club play. its all up in the air right now

dbd: i was in syracuse...

2003-01-29 14:24:20 ET

yea! jeez! he was in syracuse!

2003-01-29 14:27:47 ET

thats BETTER! lol...

2003-01-29 14:28:58 ET

sickbox: i'm there!

2003-01-29 14:39:01 ET

symbiotic in tha house!

2003-01-29 14:41:21 ET

ya know it!

2003-01-29 14:41:53 ET

go club it up for me!

2003-01-29 14:43:03 ET

Well, I know what I'm doing Saturday night ... but any plans for pre-clubbing on Saturday?
I'd be up for dinner or whatnot.

What's going down on Friday night (in the city, I guess)?
I'm not sure if my geekfriends will be back yet.

2003-01-29 14:57:06 ET

sin: i club enough for both of us!

bio: friday? i was thinking of q's

2003-01-29 15:01:30 ET

Azrael clubs more baby seals than anyone I know.

I probably won't be able to make it out to Q's.
Jersey is too far away for little young boys. :P

2003-01-29 15:04:10 ET

You gotta go on the week we're not going, Az. . .

2003-01-29 15:12:49 ET

bio: but you are a responsible adult!

insomnia: why arent you going again?

2003-01-29 15:17:33 ET

Working too much. I need to spend some time with my books and more time with people one-on-one and less group nonsense.

2003-01-29 15:34:46 ET

ahh, i see

like the one on one eh? ;p

2003-01-29 15:38:06 ET

I believe what Azrael was trying to do is make some sort of sexual innuendo.

(I am narrating this thread.)

2003-01-29 15:39:54 ET

dude! i was totally talking about basketball

2003-01-29 15:45:14 ET

Fine, then I'll make the innuendo.

One on one? You mean you want to have sexual intercourse with someone?

2003-01-29 15:51:07 ET

haha, nice one!

2003-01-29 16:33:44 ET

Fuck that, apparently you two have never sensed that more thought provoking discussion occurs when it's one-on-one - and I'm not talking pillow talk either! Damn perverts.

I like my sexual intercourse three-on-one, anyway. ::grins::

2003-01-29 16:40:20 ET who's the perv? o_0

2003-01-29 16:41:09 ET

you guys

2003-01-29 16:43:36 ET

yea right, ms. gangbang ;P

2003-01-29 16:55:59 ET

Hey, if it happens, that's totally not my fault. I mean, how am I gonna defend myself against three?

2003-01-29 17:01:05 ET

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Azrael?


2003-01-29 17:01:28 ET

thats PRE-verts

or at least bio is

maybe dating has done this to me but i've about had it with one on one's.. i take comfort in numbers now...

2003-01-29 17:06:44 ET

Let me rephrase: against three Hellraver-types who could actually kick my ass.

Makes sense dbd, since I don't date really, I prefer one-on-ones - they haven't been spoiled for me yet.

2003-01-29 17:08:41 ET

I think you're some kind of deviated prevert. I think General Ripper found out about your preversions, and that you were organizing some kind of mutiny of preverts.

2003-01-29 17:10:21 ET

Am I a Hellraver type yet, Insomnia? ;)

2003-01-29 17:11:45 ET

What Bio? I'm confused. . .

I dunno slaad, where are your tattoes? Could you kick my ass?

2003-01-29 17:16:05 ET

Have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?

2003-01-29 17:16:41 ET

I don't think I know any commies. Does Arseny count?

2003-01-29 17:19:14 ET

Probably not, actually, Insomnia.

2003-01-29 17:23:22 ET


2003-01-29 17:25:52 ET

Go back to your room and lift some weights, slaad darling.

2003-01-29 17:28:35 ET

Aww, nuts :(

2003-01-29 17:36:09 ET

dont do it! dont do it! its a trick!!!

2003-01-29 17:39:11 ET

bio: i am always thinking what you are thinking

dbd: interesting ;p

insomnia: i'm sorry, but hellraver could not kick your ass

slaad: let it go...let it go

blu: goose

2003-01-29 17:50:55 ET

Az: just believe me.

2003-01-29 17:57:29 ET

i think you let him

2003-01-29 18:16:03 ET

I don't have to *let* someone who works out and lifts weights for over an hour each day kick my ass, it just kinda happens. Don't let those baggy clothes fool you - although he mighta let go a bit now that he has a girl, people do that, the morons. . .

2003-01-29 18:20:00 ET

if you say so ;p

2003-01-29 18:20:46 ET

Az: just believe me.

2003-01-29 18:23:04 ET

i believe you already

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