smiling at the firing squad again
2003-02-14 06:56:37 ET

another vday is upon us. a part of me loathes the aspect of this holiday which makes us treat people like they should always be treated. another part of me wants to let go of the cynicism for just one day and enjoy the day for what it is supposed to be. this year, like every has snuck up and i find myself ill-prepared.

i reflected on the concept of love this morning. it is a beautiful concept. unfortunately, its application in the world is difficult at best. love is the enabler, it allows us to be at our best...and worst.

ive been hurt so many times by its double edged blade. and if i were to ask myself, 'was it worth it?'...i dont know what my answer would be. all i know is that i am very frightened to fall in love again. women are like fire...beautiful and warm...but dont stick your hand in the flame! every advance is cause for retreat. because i know without a doubt that even the best intentions can cause a world of pain.

EDIT: hung out with the crew at the pyramid last night. fun times. finally met ACCELERATED STATE. west coast reprezent!

2003-02-14 06:59:48 ET

every word was true. :(

2003-02-14 07:03:34 ET

hey! you are too young to be jaded!

2003-02-14 07:05:25 ET

i'd hate quoting placebo at that very moment, but
"since i was born i was starting to decay,
now nothing ever goes my way..."

gay, but true :)

2003-02-14 07:10:24 ET

awww! never lose hope...

after all, happiness is just a state of mind.

2003-02-14 07:12:47 ET

or drug induced ;)

2003-02-14 07:16:42 ET

word...i know that all too well ;p

2003-02-14 07:21:29 ET

me too
sounds like a great plan for v-day

2003-02-14 07:23:30 ET

i hear that...i, myself plan to get obliterated

2003-02-14 07:24:10 ET

Dear Azrael;
Die Cyber Ananas told me today that she has Herpes.
This means that you and I have herpes too now.
Thanks for the memories!

PS - Happy Valentines!


2003-02-14 07:26:24 ET

hey! i never nogged the pineapple

happy vday

2003-02-14 08:00:23 ET


...I wouldn't be so sure -wink,wink-

2003-02-14 08:02:58 ET

im aways the last to find out!

ps. did you hear the underworld song where he actually says 'pineapple head' in it?

2003-02-14 08:04:21 ET

There's an entire Crowded House song called Pineapple Head.Some cheesy 80's band did that all for me.


2003-02-14 08:05:22 ET

oh wow. i was not aware. thats pretty freaky

2003-02-14 08:07:42 ET

I like to name drop myself.

A lot.

So, I am a freakish collection ov pineapple oriented trivia.

Thailand grows and exports the most pineapples.

2003-02-14 08:09:50 ET

good to know! for some reason, i thought pineapples came from south america

2003-02-14 08:58:48 ET

I think it's worth it, Az. Even in the worst of times I am happy because I'm feeling things I wouldn't otherwise feel - life would be so dull. . .

Last night you agreed to be my Valentine. I hope you weren't too drunk to remember :pout:

2003-02-14 09:17:37 ET

life IS dull without love, i guess

did i? well, ok are my valentine

2003-02-14 09:38:18 ET

You're a bizznatch, Justine - you left seconds before I arrived!

:-) miss you.

And Azrael, you're my wife. Don't ever forget that.

2003-02-14 09:44:45 ET

well thats cause you showed up at like 3am!

ok hubby ;p

2003-02-14 10:40:16 ET

and here i will also say

valentines FARCE

and hmm, well, i know how you feel about love...

2003-02-14 11:05:47 ET

but gus .. last night at club you ALSO promised to be MY valentine... now i gotta find another one bitch! ;)

2003-02-14 11:17:34 ET

God... what a slut. Slip him a few drinks and suddenly
he's EVERYBODY'S valentine...
::shakes head::

2003-02-14 11:19:18 ET

turbo: farce is right

DC: there's plenty of me to go around

storm: you know my weakness

2003-02-14 11:44:04 ET

That's cause I had to work at 10am and work is very boring and slow and I will pass out if I have no slept.

Today I read four critical essays on medieval romance at work. I think I helped ten customers. I was there for six hours.

2003-02-14 11:53:34 ET

gus isnt a slut .. he is an honorable whore :)

2003-02-14 21:40:51 ET

Damn, was everyone at the Pyramid? :| Christ.

Azrael, I offer you my son for your carnal desires.

2003-02-15 09:19:01 ET

insomnia: that is wack. everyone is slow these days

DC: exactly

bio: yea, was a full blown SK meet. and uh, too late. i've already rocked that ;p

2003-02-15 10:20:36 ET

the west coast is a farce

2003-02-16 00:46:38 ET

dude...i dunno...i guess you need to know the right peeps

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