daylight meltdown
2003-03-03 12:01:57 ET

friday was the mountain and funhouse routine. got really blasted. i really dont like not remembering shit. i gotta cut that out. i guess it was fun...the hangover was not. saturday, the crew was out in full effect, good times were had by all...INCLUDING BIO...about time. see bio, the clubs arent necessarily all about the music, its about the company too. anyway, it was an abnormally good night. been converting images all day. yay, easy work.

2003-03-03 12:11:40 ET

ahh, so that explains why you weren't UBER trashed on saturday hah, you made up for it on friday im sure :)

2003-03-03 12:12:51 ET

I promise that I will make Downtime ten times better if I'm behind the DJ wheel.

Well, ten times better for me.
Not for the little trance bitches who are like "I like music for pussies."

But yeah, I had fun.

2003-03-03 13:03:54 ET

DC: yea dude...i had to take it a bit getting too old for this shit

bio: having fun is what clubs are for...but we cant all have everything, right? if they played your playlist there'd be a lot fewer people there and it would be less fun. so everything happens for a reason. sometimes the bad music is a necessary evil. plus if they played your shit, it wouldnt be underground and cool anymore.

2003-03-03 13:12:08 ET

I have never been to a club.

2003-03-03 13:39:35 ET

If they played my junk it'd be more underground and more cool. ; )

Plus I'd have breathing room!

2003-03-03 16:36:16 ET

i got pretty twisted on saturday at batcave...and, somehow, in my drunkenness i think i threw up...and i kept trying to steal cars to get home...but, you know what, i didn't have keys for ANY of them! go figure.

2003-03-03 16:42:37 ET

You were too sober on Sat Az, I am still very confused. I feel like I didn't see you this weekend at all. . .

2003-03-03 19:14:08 ET

negated: it can be fun

bio: haha, yea right

furax: damn dude, i didnt know you were THAT fucked up!

insomnia: yea, i actually remember the end of the night...AND how i got home!

2003-03-03 19:15:05 ET

Whoa is that a record Az?

I remember how I got home too! Um... Sunday afternoon...heh

2003-03-03 19:24:48 ET

nah, i actually was able to do it two weeks in a row once

2003-03-03 19:51:26 ET

i don't really have to be fucked up to try and steal cars though... ;-P

2003-03-03 20:02:27 ET

yea, it actually helps when you ARENT fucked up!

2003-03-03 20:04:33 ET

i'm really a delinquent at heart, you know ;-)


2003-03-03 20:07:42 ET

I would try to steal cars if I was commuting from LI to go to Batcave too. . .

2003-03-04 06:31:23 ET

furax: of course ;p

insomnia: no doubt!

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