pain pain go away...
2003-03-14 10:16:10 ET

still ill. my body feels fine but my inner ear has gotten infected. which hurts like a bitch. cant really sleep, need painkillers! this is TMI, but unhealthy looking fluids are coming out of my infected ear at night. gross! im almost out of advil which is the only thing making it barely tolerable. this is wack!

anyways, have fun tonight everyone...i will be out of action tonight and probably all weekend. if by some miracle i recover by saturday, i plan to rock batcave. lets do it!

2003-03-14 10:27:52 ET

Yuckies! Im sorry, to hear that ! You could get that one ear drop stuff... Well have someone get you it.

2003-03-14 10:35:12 ET

im just getting over an ear infection...

2003-03-14 10:38:09 ET

take some fixmeupquil or something! you gotta party!

2003-03-14 10:39:32 ET

get zithromax. Stuff works like a cotton-picker for dem ear infexinz

2003-03-14 10:43:27 ET

ngah, i feel your pain, they're not fun. having fluids and pus leaking from your ear is not generally good for ones social life. at least you get some bonding time with your dvds or tv or gamestations,pets, whatever.Get better soon, see you down in action alley. meet me at the potting shed, won't you?

2003-03-14 14:16:58 ET

prettygirl: theraflu seems to help me the most...

goober: dude, send me some drugs

DC: i'll be pissed if i miss 2 weeks in a row!

jay: yea...been rocking some PS2 when i feel like not passing out from the pain...i'll be back on my fee soon though...then its partay time!

2003-03-14 14:37:29 ET

not fun, bro :-\

hope you get better soon!!

2003-03-14 15:02:53 ET

kant brutha, sorry :(
its not that expensive... i dont think....

2003-03-14 15:14:40 ET

Theraflu, tastes goooooood.

2003-03-15 11:38:32 ET

Oh nooo, I hope you will get better soON. :( The party places are calling out for you...

2003-03-15 15:23:28 ET

aww feel better hun.

2003-03-15 15:48:15 ET

awww...thanks everyone <3

2003-03-21 15:15:32 ET

:( I hope you feel better soon!! When I was a kid I'd get middle ear infections at least once a I totally understand how miserable it can be.


2003-03-22 06:35:21 ET

thanks AS!

2003-03-22 18:56:32 ET

<3 for the Gus

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