i used to think that the day would never come
2003-03-28 08:32:30 ET

so i ended up getting xenosaga. so far so good, though some of the cut-scenes are extremely long. it was more like watching a movie than playing an rpg. but this allows for better development of plot and characters. there is a lot going on and i am 5 hours into it. its much more difficult than the FF games...i actually died a few times.

i am determined to party this weekend..even though i am STILL not 100%. damn ear. so if anyone wants to pregame at my place before batcave, you are all welcome.

finally a slow day for me! whew...the stress was killing me. im gonna take it easy and enjoy my down-time...i know it will get bad soon. until next time...peace!

2003-03-28 08:50:03 ET

awww....your still not better!:( Have you gone to a doctor at all?

2003-03-28 08:50:23 ET


Pre-Game at Gus'. ; )

2003-03-28 09:49:39 ET

niceee, im still not sure what im doing yet .. but if i rock it nyc style than ill definatly stop by ;)

2003-03-28 10:16:22 ET

AS: no i havent...though i did consult a doctor. he told me not to worry about it and that it would go away on its own....its just a difficult place to heal, apparantly. he told me to take anti-biotics...but i have no money for the doctors right now. i might still go

bio: yea, finally

DC: dude, you better rock it nyc style...you gotta get me the remix!

2003-03-28 10:23:04 ET

im gonna try, as long as someone else from jersey rocks it than i will .. i know jarv/kal/don arent going .. hopfully lenny will .. but if not than i may stay in jersey unless i meet up with some nyc folk during the day :P

2003-03-28 10:34:18 ET

You shoulda spent your videogame money on medicine, silly kid!

And yeah, jarvkalissdon seemed pretty set on trying to drag YOU to NJ, Az. Screw Batcave. I have the night off though, I could do both. . . or something.

2003-03-28 10:54:08 ET

Glad thinks are calming down.

2003-03-28 10:56:14 ET

Yeahhhhh Triggaman.
Welcome back from the shadowlands.
Out of the darkness, into the BOTTLE.

2003-03-28 12:33:42 ET

take care of yourself man...gotta nurse yourself back to tip top fighting form

2003-03-28 12:46:24 ET

DC: if you dont turn up i'll be so upset

insomnia: truer words have never been spoken. as for NJ...maybe next weekend

utopia: thanks hon

storm: i havent had a drink in almost a month...a record of sorts for me

furax: yea...i hear you man. im only gonna party 1 night..instead of my usual 2. ease back into it

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