did i stand on the shore and watch you drown?
2003-03-31 08:13:44 ET

eli goldberg

how could someone who seemed so happy be so sad? did he ever reach out to anyone or hold it all in?

we'll all miss you, dear friend. we'll ease your passage into the next world with our tears, cherish your memory with respect and keep your spirit strong in the knowledge that a part of you lives on in each of us who knew you.

2003-03-31 08:28:03 ET

nicely put gus. and a ::hug:: for I am sure you too are standing there with your mind wandering, taking in how unreal all this is.

2003-03-31 08:36:59 ET

it makes one realize how precious and fragile life is. -hugs-

2003-03-31 08:51:49 ET

yes. that it does.

2003-03-31 09:33:54 ET

Thanks Gus... that was beautiful. :(
Semper Fi, Eli.

2003-03-31 10:23:49 ET

i don't think i knew this fella... but a friend lost is never easy

2003-03-31 11:02:14 ET

storm: semper fi

furax: thats true man...never easy

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