shizzle mah nizzle
2003-04-09 19:17:03 ET

the symbiotic site is being worked on my my good buddy matt. its gonna look awesome when its done. he's the flash master. i'll post the url when there is something to go look at.

finished 'snow crash' not bad

not much else to report. work is a constant pain...but thats just a regular part of my life now...sigh.

gonna rock the mountain friday...then batcave saturday. more as it developes

2003-04-09 20:06:12 ET


2003-04-09 23:18:33 ET

>work is a constant pain...but thats just a regular part of my life now...sigh

too goddamn true. . .

2003-04-10 07:19:29 ET

all too true mah ladies. gotta do my taxes tomorrow. yay. fun

2003-04-10 08:42:18 ET

hah he called us "mah ladies"

2003-04-10 10:08:33 ET

"shizzle mah nizzle" <----- RAWK!

2003-04-10 10:50:33 ET

yea dawg, that's my new pick up line

2003-04-10 10:59:12 ET

haha, hellz yea homie

2003-04-10 11:44:11 ET

im sure all the ladies will swoon when i roll up with that one...hahaha

2003-04-10 11:56:18 ET

yea they will! haha, it's almost as good as the line i use when i walk into a room full of people .. "don't squint ladies, i really do look this good" BAH!

2003-04-10 12:08:09 ET

lol....does that ever work for you Chris?

I'm looking forward to seeing the new site. Rock on!

2003-04-10 12:11:39 ET

haha, not quite as good as azrael's line .. i can picture it now ..

random girl: HEY AZRAEL, HOW YOU DOING! (gives tha trigga a hug)

azrael: whoa shorty .. shizzle mah nizzle, im just getting a beverage ..

random girl: WOW, you're so SEXY, the drink is on ME!

2003-04-10 12:17:23 ET

rotfl....yeah I'm sure that's how it would go down!:D I think you should give it a shot Gus. Enjoy that free drink that awaits you!

2003-04-10 12:19:43 ET


2003-04-10 12:20:09 ET

AC: i'm excited to see it also! i trust my main man matt...i know he will do a kick ass job

DC: rofl! dude you is a funny fuck. shizzle mah nizzle bi-otch!

2003-04-10 12:21:02 ET

haha, beeeatch! lol

2003-04-10 12:21:06 ET

hehe, i think maybe in bizarro world it may turn out like that!

2003-04-10 12:22:02 ET

you're on point man .. im sure it would work! an even if it didnt .. it would be FUNNY as fuck to give it a shot, hah.

2003-04-10 12:22:59 ET

it would only work on you bro

2003-04-10 12:23:51 ET

I agree. Wish I could be there to see that go down!lol

2003-04-10 12:26:37 ET

You never know with those Batcave bitches Az... I would give it a try.

2003-04-10 12:27:32 ET

see who go down?!? :x

you dirty dirty lady

2003-04-10 12:41:54 ET

insomnia: haha, maybe if the drinks there were cheaper, it may work. plus no one sweats me there

2003-04-10 13:21:02 ET

batcave bitches are a bore and a yawn...and i hear them skanks got grubs in ther lawns... *ba-dum-ching!*

hey, hey...i'll be here all week...

2003-04-10 13:37:08 ET

hahahaha...dude you are on a roll

2003-04-10 17:20:48 ET

batcave's whack i want my motherfuckin' money back.

I'll bethere.
Pregame at your house.
I'll bring a keg.

2003-04-10 18:21:25 ET

no pregame this week bio...sorry

maybe next week

2003-04-10 18:30:01 ET

Pregame outside of Gus' house.

2003-04-10 18:46:14 ET

Hahah... outside.

We can pregame at my house if you want, I am gonna have a friend in town -

2003-04-10 19:29:26 ET

i wish i could pregame...

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