pissing into the wind
2003-04-18 23:38:16 ET

just got back from q's with jarv and don. man o man.....good times. um...sorry for misleading everyone..but assemblage 23 is next weekend. i'm drunk. and i upset a good friend of mine...didn't mean it. anyways, its time for bed. peace!

2003-04-18 23:40:57 ET

grr fuck being exhausted and broke when everyone else is ready to party. . .

2003-04-18 23:43:14 ET


2003-04-19 00:54:57 ET

exhausted but not broke...course i wouldnt waste my money on ebm...

2003-04-19 01:17:34 ET

by the way...is your subject line an ozark mountain daredevils reference?

2003-04-19 05:29:31 ET

Obviously you're not a club kid like us, doll. ; )

75% chance of me being out tonight with a 50% chance of pregame.
If that makes any sense.

2003-04-19 08:57:33 ET

insomnia: there's always tonight

turbo: i'm not familiar with that reference dude. maybe you can send it to me one day

bio: game on

2003-04-19 09:14:59 ET

Is Jarv really going tonight? I work until midnight so it's a lot easier to show up at BC than Q's. And Raine supposedly has the money she owes me today...

2003-04-19 09:34:22 ET

i'm working on jarv...more as it developes

2003-04-19 10:07:41 ET

ok keep me updated I'll be at work until midnight

2003-04-19 10:35:46 ET

When can you take lunchdinner, shortstack?


2003-04-19 14:39:33 ET

jarv is coming out!

2003-04-19 16:22:59 ET

yeah they're this old comedy rock band...really funny from what ive heard...and i believe one of their songs is either called 'pissing in the wind' or 'pissing into the wind'...as your subject line states...so i was wonderin

2003-04-19 16:24:11 ET

uh oh am i gonna have to go to bc again??? ::sighs::

at least I have a big ego today cause I got hit on by a fairly attractive tall 16 year old - not that I would do anything, but it's good for the mood...

2003-04-19 16:44:06 ET

hahah, kidtoucher!

2003-04-19 18:42:02 ET

fuck no.

2003-04-19 21:46:16 ET

The thought of a fairly attractive tall 16 year old boggles the mind.

2003-04-20 07:03:19 ET

i dont know if i could find a 16 year old that attractive. they generally havent fully developed as a person...let alone in body...course im old.

2003-04-20 07:05:07 ET

You know you want me.

Azrael does, heck, he's practically collecting social security! ; )

2003-04-20 07:13:17 ET

azrael looks 12. is he pulling an ol'dirty bastard?

2003-04-20 07:15:06 ET

Now that I think about it, he probably is 12.

Azrael is the most 12 12 year old I know. No one is more real at being 12 than Azrael.

2003-04-20 07:35:18 ET

I didn't see you at Qs...unless you went there after 2:15ish.
That's when I left.

2003-04-20 07:35:53 ET

Bio you can't use in-jokes from people who aren't ok sk! geez.

For the record, the 16 year old in question (who would right now say "damnit I am 17 next month!") could actually pass for a young looking 21. So he is hot in the older way. But still, no dice.

2003-04-20 08:47:29 ET

heh...i was there all night! where were you? you might not have recognized me cause of my new haircut...

insomnia: i though you were totally talking about bio

2003-04-20 09:12:02 ET

I was SO not talking about Bio. This kid is a CS geek and a slut... hot though.

2003-04-20 09:33:37 ET

did you have fun last night?

2003-04-20 09:36:33 ET

me? Not really, despite the cute moments.

drunk Az, last night: "this is the slow dance part"

awwwww <3

2003-04-20 09:42:54 ET

but it was jarv's b-day...you had to roll out!

2003-04-20 13:58:33 ET

Did you go Saturday night or Friday night?
I was there Saturday night.
I had a bandage on my thumb cause I don't know how to handle box cutters too well...apparently.

2003-04-20 15:12:15 ET

ahh, i see...i was there friday

2003-04-20 16:15:04 ET

I'm neither a geek nor a slut. 8]

... but hot.

2003-04-20 18:48:19 ET

nah...yer a geek...but in a scenester sort of way...

2003-04-21 00:37:58 ET

you're neither a geek nor a slut?

excuse me whilst i roll around on the floor laughing my buttockses off.

2003-04-21 05:54:19 ET

hahah, bio is both in excess

2003-04-21 06:11:20 ET

I'm shocked and appalled.
Slightly more shocked than appalled.
But nonetheless, shocked and appalled.

2003-04-25 02:43:13 ET

you're also apparently in denial, if that is the case.

2003-04-25 06:59:35 ET


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