symbiotic vs. PRICK
2003-04-20 09:34:40 ET

may 31. symbiotic's first show. opening for prick at qxt's. be there!

2003-04-20 09:35:38 ET

Dude! That's awesome. I wish I could go!

Prick, I remember that group. Maybe Trent Reznor will be there.

2003-04-20 09:37:23 ET


Do I get to be the merch girl?

2003-04-20 09:41:10 ET

Awesome dude! Tear it up!

2003-04-20 09:44:00 ET

sin: thanks bro...and i doubt trent will be there...hahah

insomnia: sure if you wanna do it

NE: we'll make it so

2003-04-20 10:10:31 ET

I want to be there (T_T)

2003-04-20 10:27:12 ET

hellz yea! its gonna be hott!

btw, i still got your phone charger, you left it in my kitchen ;)

2003-04-20 11:20:09 ET

trent should be there, want that one of his many other bands...including manson, pop will eat itself, pretty much anything he produced.

2003-04-20 12:43:54 ET

mizz: i wish you could be there too

DC: dude, you gonna drop it off today?

2003-04-20 13:47:42 ET

congrats! i'll be there.

2003-04-20 13:50:47 ET

ooh, neato!

2003-04-20 14:05:15 ET

it's been forever since I heard anything about Prick.

2003-04-20 15:18:26 ET

sicky: nice!

yea...i had thought they had retired

2003-04-20 16:24:51 ET

I'll be there!

I'm leaving after Symbiotic. ; )

2003-04-20 16:29:17 ET

and miss Prick? One of the best bands on earth? For shame!

2003-04-20 16:36:15 ET

I'll stick around for a couple of songs.
So I can say, "Bleh."
Then go. ; )

Gotta represent symbiotic in full effect.

2003-04-20 17:37:12 ET

cool cool. repraZENT

2003-04-20 18:56:40 ET


2003-04-20 19:00:58 ET

Hells yeah, mah-fuckaaaaa

2003-04-20 20:23:24 ET

Yeah, Symbiotic is totally going to steal Prick's thunder. Not that Prick had much thunder to steal anyways.

2003-04-21 04:14:08 ET

bio, you elitist fucker... only for your friends, eh?

2003-04-21 05:55:09 ET

it shgould be a hot show -crosses fingers-

2003-04-21 06:10:33 ET


If Azrael was in Apop.
I'd totally show up with bells on. ; )

2003-04-21 06:17:27 ET

and dont forget your glowsticks!

2003-04-21 07:32:02 ET

yea trigga! i have no way of getting in touch with since you have no phone, lol, i can't make it to the city today but ill try to get there eaither tues or weds ;)

2003-04-21 08:03:22 ET

yea dawg...whenever you can do it...

you gonna rock 'core' with me on stage?

2003-04-21 10:03:30 ET

hell yea bro .. eaither core or disintegrated ;)

2003-04-21 10:07:40 ET

beyond any reason, beyond all doubt!!!

2003-04-21 10:24:18 ET

hah! niceee

2003-04-21 17:05:54 ET

Rock! You'll have to record it. And send it to me. Seem as though I can't be there.

2003-04-21 17:45:49 ET

what? cant make the trip from australia? wimp! ;P

2003-04-21 21:25:55 ET

hey flying over the hemisphere is no fucking fun...ive done it way too many times trying to get south africa and im sure australia is even worse...damn planes...and now damn security...and even now damn sars that will get you quarantined. i dont think ill be flying much soon, let alone going back to africa for awhile...just soooo much trouble with everything going on.

2003-04-22 13:57:21 ET

See? I have support! Now you _HAVE_ to tape it for me.

2003-04-25 15:21:49 ET

so do you have a several-people live band, or are you doing the live set solo?

2003-04-25 16:15:32 ET

we should have 4-5 people on stage

2003-04-25 21:32:24 ET

I will be 3-4 of those people.

2003-04-25 23:21:09 ET

dont give yourself that much credit bio...

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