2003-04-25 08:21:12 ET

wow, is it the weekend already? this week flew by. not for any particular reason either. went to the baseball game last night. ive been soured to the whole ballpark experience. it generally sucks.

lots of shows coming up. A23, flesh field this saturday. L[c], terrorfakt, flesh field on may2. ministry may4. covenant may11. hopefully my wallet will be able to support going to all these shows.
gonna lay low tonight. no loot to party...but i will be out saturday for A23.

2003-04-25 08:22:36 ET


they kick ass live, I'm sure you'll have fun.

2003-04-25 08:31:08 ET

man i hope so...i have very low expectations of this show..

2003-04-25 08:49:58 ET

why? I went to see them in '99 or so. I didn't expect much either but was very much suprised on how much fun I had.

I just wish he would do more of his industrial stuff though.

2003-04-25 09:05:14 ET

I bet they're good live, even if the music isn't as amazing anymore -

2003-04-25 09:06:35 ET

sin: worried about hearing all their new crap instead of their old hits

insomnia: we'll have to see

2003-04-25 12:41:52 ET

This week really DID fly by didn't it??
It's the weekend already and I dont' really know what to do with myself...

Ministry will probably blow. But at least we can laugh at their geriatric madness together. Lol

2003-04-25 13:21:50 ET

az: They played most of their old hits when I saw them.

2003-04-25 14:00:32 ET

storm: yes we'll have fun regardless

sin: man, i hope they do that again

2003-04-25 15:01:56 ET

i bought a ticket for ministry :-)

2003-04-25 15:16:45 ET

we'll see you there dude

2003-04-25 16:17:44 ET

gah A23 was terrible :(
it was so funny cuz like everyone was all crazy and cheering them on because they are from Philly
::eyeroll:: hehe
but it wasnt too bad...

2003-04-25 18:06:26 ET

man...i hope they are good in nyc!!!

2003-04-25 19:54:21 ET

well...hey even if it suck you should try n have yourself a good time eh?

2003-04-26 07:39:04 ET

yes..that is true

2003-04-27 00:18:32 ET

I want to see Flesh Field....wonder when they will be playing out here.hmmmm

2003-04-27 08:53:25 ET

ug...the show was terrible! it was way too crowded. and the sound was pretty bad. bah

2003-04-27 08:57:11 ET

The sound was bad when I saw them here too. I wonder what's up with that.:(

2003-04-27 09:13:06 ET

i dunno. and dont even get me started on flesh field. it was a fairly disappointing show in every respect. but i managed to have fun anyway.

2003-04-27 15:04:17 ET

Damn it.:( Sure you don't feel like elaborating of FF? I want to know weather I should bother or not.

2003-04-27 15:35:04 ET

i only caught their last song. it was so crowded...i might have enjoyed them more if i was more comfortable. i generally dont like the guys voice and it was amplified alot live. kinda like a nasally whine. the girl has a fine voice...but was a little timid. the music wasnt loud enough...but that coould have been the downtime sound system which isnt really that hot. if you are a fan too begin with, you'd probably like it.

2003-04-27 16:39:37 ET

well....I can't say I'm too fond of nasally whines.:/ I did like Viral Extinction and the Redemption EP. I didn't care for Belief Control and I've heard nothing from the new album. They haven't released enough to be a huge fan but based on their first two releases I do like them. hmmmm

2003-04-28 05:16:27 ET

i'd probably have a good time...the music sounded decent..just hard to hear at downtime

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