ive got this gut feeling that ive lost control
2003-05-06 06:25:01 ET

x2 ruled. awesome sequel. nightcrawler totally stole the show. i love how they snuck in 'center of the sun' by conjure one. good shit.

saturday: tracking for 'slave' done, supported by chris from LC, and don from rotary kill. cant wait for the mixdown to be done. then batcave at night, good times...the whole jersey crew rolled out, which made it mad on point.

sunday: ministry. they exceeded my admittedly low expectations. excellent show, and a guest appearance by ogre was a special treat. if you have a chance to catch them on this tour, do it!

almost done with 'the diamond age'...time to move on to 'lullaby'

2003-05-06 06:29:16 ET

X2 totally ruled. I already want to see it again.
Ogre made a guest appearence?!? I hope that didn't happen in Chicago; I couldn't afford to go.

2003-05-06 06:34:03 ET

I missed out on Ministry. I suck.

And I told you they would rule live.

2003-05-06 06:52:57 ET

Man, they did rip it... but christ those fuckers are OLD.
I could smell their old-man scent from the pit.

You feeling any better chickadee?

2003-05-06 06:53:05 ET

Ooo I can't wait to see X2!!

Ministryyyy!! Ahhhh! I wanna see em' live too!
Ogre was dere too? tre cool!

2003-05-06 07:01:05 ET

DP: yep...ogre, he was way off for 'burning inside' but it was still cool to see him up there. im not sure if he was there for the chicago show, i think he was only gonna do it for nyc and philly

sin: yea, they were mad tight

storm: haha, yea, they've been around. i feel better...thnx

TE: x2 is so worth it. go see it now. ministry+ogre=good shit. i was hoping for the ministry version of 'smothered hope' but they didnt rock it. too bad, probably didnt bring that DAT along. hehe

2003-05-06 10:07:43 ET

heh heh heh :-)

Damn, it hasn't openned in Israel yet, but I'm definately there for openning night (not to mention Matrix: Reloaded. Rowr. Downloading the Animatrix clips as we speak ;-))

2003-05-06 10:12:27 ET

two words bro ... "club hit" ;)

2003-05-06 11:00:58 ET

TE: i cant wait for reloaded...i like a good amount of fighting, you see

DC: snake it up!

2003-05-06 11:29:23 ET

haha, totally!!!

2003-05-06 11:34:33 ET

i hope they rock 'slave' at qxt's bro

2003-05-06 11:35:33 ET

c'mon, of course they are gonna rock it, hah, they jock your shit there lol!

2003-05-06 11:43:48 ET

they will rock it because it features chris from LC, first tracked vocal appearance EVER

2003-05-06 11:51:16 ET

hah, shut up fool ;)

2003-05-06 19:14:00 ET


2003-05-06 19:34:00 ET

turbo: because of ministry?

2003-05-06 19:35:34 ET

yes ;-P

and getting out in general


2003-05-11 00:46:58 ET

X-2 did totally rock!!! I've already seen it twice and will probably see it again before it leaves theaters!

So....how much longer 'till your finished with the album?;)

2003-05-11 05:45:15 ET

well it HAS to be done by the 31st. thats our drop dead date

2003-05-11 08:05:24 ET

Drop dead date?::smirks::

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