put your lights on
2003-05-12 09:31:21 ET

met up with some peeps at the mountain to pregame for ali's party. the party itself was good, the parts i recall that is. DC, storm and i rolled up with the rock star styles. i left my jacket there...ali, if you read this, i need to fetch it! i have no recollection of leaving, roof foolery and the many inane things i said. it aint about no SPRINKLES.

then the saturday ritual. tom rolled up from TX so it was on point. SNAKE. didnt roll out for covenant. too old and tired. SNAKE. cuz this song, it aint about no trout. out. out. over and out.

2003-05-12 09:50:55 ET

There is so much ill rhythm in your post, I'll just say SNAP!

2003-05-12 09:53:17 ET

haha, glad you enjoyed the flow

2003-05-12 10:40:54 ET

i pretty much did NOTHING this weekend... and i kinda liked it... though i really did want to see ali's work

2003-05-12 10:55:25 ET

LOL! it ain't about no sprinkles. ahahahaha. :)

yeah i got your jacket Gus. it's intact and safe. let me know when you are going out again, i'll be sure to bring it with me.

and you didn't miss anything at Covenant, it was pretty awful. handpuppet theater.

2003-05-12 11:00:15 ET

furax: dude you should have totally been there

NP: okies...i will let you know when i will be rolling out again

2003-05-12 11:01:46 ET


2003-05-12 11:28:31 ET

That sprinkles shit justifies human existence...
I thought I was going to have a brain anurism from laughing in the car...

2003-05-12 11:50:55 ET

haha, game on gus, we rocked that shit hard this weekend! lol, hopfully jarvis will have the demo mix of sna... i mean "slave" done this weekend ;)

::mr softy::

2003-05-12 11:59:59 ET

storm: this song....this song is called ICE CREAM CONE

DC: man, i hope jarv is on that shit. cant wait to hear it. mr softee can kiss my ass, its all about freezer fresh yo

2003-05-12 12:41:53 ET

heh ice cream trucks haunt my streets all damn day!
we dont call them sprinkles though...we call them ''Jimmies'' hehe

aww sheeit..y'all had fun!

2003-05-12 13:16:06 ET

i loathe ice cream trucks

2003-05-12 13:25:23 ET

haha the WORST is when there is like 3 or 4 at the same time all playing diffrent ice cream truck songs
thats how my friend died, an unruly ice cream truck smacked into her car...they are EVIL!

2003-05-12 14:01:52 ET

'the sting' is a particulary hot song with ice cream trucks around here

2003-05-12 14:05:25 ET

haha the best was when an ice cream truck was playing Techno

2003-05-12 15:05:46 ET

Freezer Fresh! BAH!!

2003-05-12 15:42:10 ET

nice. techno cream

actually, i think freezer fresh is a cheap knock-off of mr. softee. but i'm not sure

2003-05-12 17:28:01 ET

isn't "freezer fresh" sort of a contradiction of terms?

2003-05-12 17:38:49 ET

yea, they are a farce

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