inane survey
2003-06-19 09:17:54 ET

taken from cyberbunny

seven things that scare you:
1. poverty
2. lonliness
3. failure
4. success
5. my family
6. driving
7. myself

seven things you like:
1. music
2. art
3. books
4. movies
5. comedy
6. friends
7. rain

seven things you hate:
1. ignorance
2. reality tv
3. laundry
4. being taken advantage of
5. toothaches
6. incompetence
7. laziness

seven things in your room:
1. bed
2. closet
3. dresser
4. entertainment center packed with clothes
5. boombox
6. halogen lamp
7. air conditioner

seven random facts about you:
1. i was born in korea
2. i grew up in houston
3. i take showers for the fun of it
4. my first concert was 242
5. i was married
6. i prefer mac's over pc's
7. i went to parsons school of design

seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. publish a novel
2. tour europe
3. visit japan/HK/australia
4. procreate
5. create artwork
6. make someone happy
7. make lots of money

seven things you can do:
1. graphic design
2. scream over music
3. drink a lot
4. ignore important facts of life
5. draw/paint
6. play videogames
7. read a book cover to cover without stopping

seven things you can't do:
1. scuba dive
2. dance [but i try anyway]
3. cheat
4. drive a large vehicle
5. give up music
6. fight
7. impose

seven songs people should listen to: (this is hard)
1. a poem for byzantium - delerium
2. worlock - skinny puppy
3. sex, dying & zero gravity - terminal sect
4. tears from the moon - conjure one
5. lovesong - the cure
6. devil with the green eyes - matthew sweet
7. my last serenade - killswitch engage

seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. nice hair
2. sweetness
3. glasses
4. cleanliness
5. sense of humor
6. chill attitude
7. someone who avoids drama

seven favorite movies (no particular order):

1. aliens
2. saving private ryan
3. trading places
4. pincess monanoke
5. groundhog day
6. fight club
7. taxi driver

2003-06-19 09:27:13 ET

you can dance! I love the Gus dance, it makes everyone happy. :)

procreate huh? I'm trying to imaging a bunch of little Gus's running around. little refugees everywhere.

2003-06-19 10:36:34 ET

haha! thanks, i think. i enjoy dancing, but that doesnt mean i can do it...

yea, i am a bit iffy on procreation right now. but i will probably want to do it sometime in the future. maybe i should adopt a refugee from a third world nation...since i am not far removed from that myself.

2003-06-19 10:58:49 ET

Yeah, there's nothin' like an innebriated Gus humpin' y0 leg. ; )

2003-06-19 12:53:38 ET

i never did that! -to my knowledge-

2003-06-19 13:25:33 ET

Let's have a kid together...
and mend the age-old feud between the houses of ELFCORE and CHINKCORE in one fell swoop.

2003-06-19 14:02:25 ET

could be another case of montague and capulet–our houses would go to war over it =P

2003-06-19 15:05:04 ET

Thatw as a nice round-up. I now feel inticed to participate in the round up.
PS Parsons??? You talent, you :)

2003-06-19 18:02:09 ET


i guess i got lucky with parsons =)

2003-06-20 05:23:49 ET

When I was on the audition/interview circut when I was applying for my undergrad back in 1999, I checked out Parsons while in the city for NYU. The stuff that kids were making there was GREAT! What kind of media were you into at the time?

2003-06-20 05:49:19 ET

i majored in illustration. for my thesis, i did a series of acrylics which i scanned and manipulated in photoshop. so it was half hand painted, and half digital manipulation. where did you end up going?

2003-06-20 06:11:42 ET

Heheh neat facts. The seven things you plan on doing, are the same 7 I plan on doing.

<3 Princess Mononoke.

2003-06-20 06:39:34 ET

excellent! if you ever want a travel buddy for that far east trip, let me know!

princess monanoke is the bomb

2003-06-21 04:13:21 ET

seven things that scare you:
1. nothing really
2. nothing really
3. nothing really
4. nothing really
5. nothing really
6. nothing really
7. mary kate and ashley olson

seven things you like:
1. good music
2. nintendo
3. good movies (speaking of which, i saw equilibrium tonight...holy snot that's a good movie!)
4. you, azrael! <3 :-D
5. ravy mcglowsticks
6. david the midget
7. daniel

seven things you hate:
1. "hot" sauces that arent really hot!
2. crappy music that shouldnt be considered music
3. broccoli
4. cooked spinnach
5. sin
6. barny
7. emo

seven things in your room:
1. bed
2. drawing table
3. dresser gx video game tv
5. desk
6. the cluttered wastelands
7. bob sagget

seven random facts about you:
1. i am wearing pants
2. i like cheese
3. i come from obliat aka "venus"
4. i sometimes introduce myself as cornwaleus
5. ive had 2 (count 'em on your one hand) 2 girlfriends
6. i prefer big mac's over whoppers
7. i need to clip my fingernails...
<goes to trim nails before completing this thing>

seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. have something published
2. make music
3. visit japan and austrailia as well
4. get married
5. play in a band
6. work in the gaming industry
7. better humankind

seven things you can do:
1. graphic design
2. draw
3. dance the jig
4. prance merrily
5. drive like a pseudo madman
6. 0wN at video games
7. scare small children unwittingly

seven things you can't do:
1. hate someone
2. dance
3. drink anything alcoholic
4. do drugs
5. smoke
6. not believe in God
7. leave my hair not-pink for too long...

seven songs people should listen to:
1. kalamzoo - primus
2. question of lust - depeche mode
3. here is the news (or anything else by) - electric light orchestra
4. the antipop (or anything else by) - primus
5. fire on high - electric light orchestra
6. this is not - the benjamin gate
7. testure (s.f. or regular mix, i prefer s.f.) - skinny puppy

seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. uniqueness
2. personality
3. intelligence
4. goofiness
5. values
6. hairdressing abilities
7. maturity

seven favorite movies (no particular order):

1. star wars
2. the empire strikes back
3. return of the jedi
4. the phantom menace
5. attack of the clones
6. the princess bride
7. spaceballs


2003-06-21 07:26:46 ET

I went to The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago: a very good school that is very full of social phonies....PHONIES!!! ;)

2003-06-21 08:37:20 ET


David the Midget. :P

2003-06-21 08:40:56 ET

DP: parsons was also full of phonies. especially the fine arts dept.

turbo: looks like lucas is your main man =P

bio: you commie midget you

2003-06-21 23:09:03 ET

you know it

and bio, well, after all, "david the gnome" was taken

2003-06-21 23:45:37 ET

might i also ad, on the subject of movies, equilibrium is EXCELLENT. if you haven't seen it, go rent it for the love of all decensy! i saw it for the first time the other night...i bought it tonight...i'm addicted. absolutely great flick...pity it didn't get more advertising when it was in theaters.

2003-06-22 04:07:14 ET

It was a shame though, because when I went to see it in the theatre, the first kick ASS 10 minutes were basically ruined for me because I got accosted by a group of teenage boys; accosted in a bad way (I had to get someone working at the theatre to help me). They got kicked out and the movie still ended up kicking ass. I have no idea why it's phenominon didn't catch on, even though I realize they had no money for advertising. It amazes me thata movie that good as an indie flick didn't get any attention, but My Big Fat Greek Wedding was in the theatres for early a year.....I guess it's all about the advertising.

2003-06-22 11:42:02 ET

i have heard great things about friend has the DVD which i will borrow from him

2003-06-22 13:54:55 ET

married, you say?

2003-06-22 14:03:16 ET

yep. divorced now, thank goodness

2003-06-22 14:35:29 ET

sounds interesting ;)

2003-06-22 15:35:59 ET

i wouldnt say interesting. more of a learning experience than anything

2003-06-22 18:06:32 ET

Married to Bio.

2003-06-22 18:15:14 ET

bio was my second wife

2003-06-22 18:20:56 ET

I'm glad I have custody of the kids.

2003-06-22 22:50:33 ET

he may be your wife but he's still my bitch ;-P

d.p....awesome! sucks about the dorks in the theater though. and yeah, everything in america is all about the marketing x_x

ah pretty sure it'll be a long standing sleeper/cult hit.

azrael, yes, definately...let me know what you think of it...i seriously like it more and more each time i see it

2003-06-25 07:19:45 ET

seven things that scare you:
1. failure
2. family
3. expectations of spawning
4. terminal illness
5. nervous breakdown
6. prospect of a car accident
7. humiliation

seven things you like:
1. books-reading and writing
2. friends
3. video games-especially NES :P
4. webcomics
5. music
6. art museums
7. movies and lots of them

seven things you hate:
1. slowness and idiocy of other drivers
2. rats
3. so called reality TV (I wasn't so crazy about My so called life either)
4. when people try to stick their noses into my business
5. long lines
6. "prejudice
7. -and the dutch!" (Had to quote Goldmember-plus I am 1/8 Dutch)

seven things in your room:
1. bed
2. closet with shelves instead of a rack-I have a built in bookshelf
3. TV/VCR with my NES hooked up
4. a lot of stuffed animals
5. a lot of painted miniatures
6. little set pieces (backdrops/couches/trees et al) for a toy comic project of mine the test run is here
7. desk with computer, law and order companion book and a shit load more stuffed animals

seven random facts about you:
1. i like to sew
2. i am addicted to law and order
3. i've never flown in my life
4. my first concert was a radio station festival. i saw 40 year old hippies smoking up with their 10 year old kids during Love Spit Love's set.
5. i never entered a club until i was almost 20-which was when i started smoking occasionally
6. i only stayed awake a full 24 hours the night i rear ended someone
7. but i could easily sleep for 24 hours

seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. get my MLS (masters of library science)
2. tour europe-particularly the parts of Ireland where my mom's family came from and parts of England where some relatives ended up
3. publish-nay finish my $*%&#&@ cock knocking novel!
4. make my own pasta
5. visit austrailia
6. get a walk on part on Law and Order
7. cure my chronic anxiety

seven things you can do:
1. read a long book in under 2 hours
2. paint
3. write fiction
4. put together computers
5. dance
6. get drunk in under 3 beers
7. post here/surf the net and work at the same time

seven things you can't do:
1. fly
2. lie
3. write poetry
4. drive stick
5. confront anyone
6. assign call numbers (but i am getting the hang of subject headings)
7. listen to commercials without wanting to change the channel-radio or TV

seven songs people should listen to: (this is hard)
1. "Temple of Love" Sisters of Mercy
2. "True Faith (Morning Sun)" New Order
3. "Normal Like You" Everclear
4. "Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infedelity (I Know you're fucking someone else) Type-O Negative
5. "Force Ten" Rush
6. "Dark"-Gary Neuman
7. "Hit me baby one more time"-Britney Spears JUST KIDDING!!!!!
Seriously, the number 7 slot goes to "Stem" DJ Shadow.

seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. being unattached always helps
2. big dark eyes
3. sense of humor-the sicker the better
4. thick hair (darker preferred)
5. understanding of my weird addictions (law and order, stuffed animals, old school NES et al).
6. body type-tall and thin/toned/cut
7. dress code of basic black

seven favorite movies (no particular order):

1. Clerks
2. Chasing Amy
3. LOTR series-I know it's cheating, but who'll really read this?
4. The Matrix
5. Halloween
6. The Lost Boys
7. The Usual Suspects

2003-06-25 07:41:37 ET

haha, your toy comic is cute!

2003-06-25 08:35:42 ET

aw thanks :P

2003-06-25 11:24:16 ET

Isn't it funny how a bunch of us want something published? I wonder who'll get to it first...

(Mary Kate and Ashley are fucking scary...if they're progression to insanity continues at the same rate they're either going to dominate the world or kill a bunch of people by the time they're 30))

2003-06-25 12:18:02 ET

probably one of you guys will publish first...mostly because i am a lazy bastard

the wonder twins scare me as well...


2003-06-25 19:38:49 ET

They're just so cold and emotionless...almost inhuman.

I'm pretty lazy as well, also my thoughts don't flow in straight lines.

2003-06-25 19:44:12 ET

yet so perky!

if i wrote down every good passage that went through my head, i'd have a book by now. i suggest carrying a notebook around and taking notes. also, my lyric writing kinda satisfies my urge to i am not as motivated.

2003-06-25 19:49:33 ET

I write short stories and poems sometimes to quenche my thrist for writing, but msotly I talk A LOT about random things, I find it easier to vocalize myself that write it down.

2003-06-25 19:52:49 ET

then get a micro-cassette recorder and have someone transcribe it and edit it! how awesome would that be? just walk around rambling and — viola! — out pops a book.

2003-06-25 19:56:47 ET

hahah I should...

that'd be insane...

2003-06-25 20:02:16 ET

sometimes i wish i had one for all the times i was so blitzed that i dont remember what i did. but apparantly i am extremely funny

2003-06-25 20:03:35 ET

blitzed? Is that another word for stoned, cuz I've never heard it before?

2003-06-25 20:08:38 ET

blitzed just means fucked i got that way is usually not important =)

2003-06-25 20:12:22 ET

Aaah, Gus, your old person lingo flies right over our young, nubile minds.

2003-06-25 20:17:46 ET

and also: i covet your young, nubile body

2003-06-25 20:43:43 ET

As we all know, I am the most nubile.

2003-06-25 20:47:05 ET

oh yea

2003-06-25 23:58:23 ET


2003-06-26 03:07:27 ET

as to the wonder twins, some predicted they would end up in pay per view porn. given that they resemble treasure trolls, would that qualify as fetish/hardcore freak porn?
I've been quite a lazy bastard with my novel and this is probably the 5th time i rewrote it.

2003-06-26 06:26:18 ET

lol...i guess it would be considered freak porn.

send your novel in to some publishers!

2003-06-26 07:52:41 ET

i did-query letters, sample chapters. all turned down. i went crazy with that for almost 9 months straight before i read it over again and saw i needed major format changes.

2003-06-26 08:13:33 ET

maybe you should seek the services of an editor to help out

2003-06-26 08:31:41 ET

good idea-but i need to actually finish the book :P now, if i were writing a textbook, all i would need is a proposal, outline and a few chapters for a book deal, but since this is a novel, i actually have to have the book completed.

2003-06-26 08:47:31 ET

finish it!

2003-06-26 08:51:54 ET

LOL! finish yours....

2003-06-26 09:24:28 ET

i havent even started mine! its a long term goal...

2003-06-30 14:33:47 ET

If you ever get round to visiting Australia you can crash on my couch.

2003-06-30 15:53:56 ET

Can I crash on your couch too if I ever go to Austrialia? It'd be cheaper than paying for a hotel room.

2003-06-30 15:59:25 ET

slaad: i will definately take you up on that!

insubordinate: you trying to steal my thunder? =P

2003-06-30 16:01:58 ET

Hey I've wanted to go to Austrialia for a long time, I've wanted to travel the world ever since I can remember. Maybe I'll move to Austrialia and everyone can crash on my couch.

2003-06-30 16:28:00 ET

Rock! I'll have a real live EBM star on my couch.

Sure, crashing on my couch all round.

2003-06-30 16:30:37 ET

insubordinate: i'll arm wrestle you for the couch

slaad: did ya download 'disintegrated'? its on our site now

2003-06-30 16:33:10 ET

No no I'm on good at arm wrestle. I'll box ya for it, or regular wrestling.

Sure I may be extremely short but I can still kick your ass.

2003-06-30 16:50:04 ET

ok...wrestling it is. but i fight dirty =)

2003-06-30 16:51:35 ET

I'm at work, so I'll grab it when I get home. When's the EP coming out?

Will there be mud involved? 0_o
You could just... you know... take a couch each...

2003-06-30 16:55:30 ET

Oh man.
The EP is out.

::waves around limited edition version of EP with bonus tracks::

2003-06-30 17:06:02 ET

slaad: yea dude, the EP has been out for awhile. i'll try and ship you one as soon as we burn some more...and shush! i WANNA wrestle her! hehe

bio: very limited edition

2003-06-30 17:16:42 ET

Oh man... aren't I behind the times? Can't wait to hear it.
Did I say there was more than one couch? I meant there uh... was only one couch... yes, that's it.

2003-06-30 17:19:20 ET

you would probably be down with 'devil with the green eyes'

get AIM that can accept file transfers already...then i could IM them to you!

2003-06-30 18:33:18 ET

I'll sort something out when I'm next on AIM

2003-06-30 18:34:23 ET

or set up a temporary ftp and i'll upload the goods for you

2003-06-30 18:44:52 ET

Yup, that's the direction I was heading.

2003-06-30 21:55:15 ET


2003-07-01 06:11:46 ET

and i'll give out the site to a select few like turbo over there -waves-

2003-07-02 01:18:29 ET

<waves back>

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