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2003-06-30 06:16:48 ET

'disintegrated' is available for download. new show posted. too busy to recap weekend, but it was pretty good. the url, in case you dont know it:

2003-06-30 06:17:35 ET

You know you loved getting out of the house on Saturday.

2003-06-30 07:54:31 ET

it involved a lot of drinking, didn't it?

2003-06-30 08:18:33 ET

bio: yea, i'm glad you dragged me out

CG: what makes you say that? (o_0)

2003-06-30 10:09:09 ET

heh-it was the kind of weekend where drinking would be a good thing. it was very hot in ny (i visited a few buddies for pride parade)

2003-06-30 10:40:22 ET

sweet deal!

2003-06-30 22:26:49 ET


now i can send people somewhere again when whoring your music around :-D

2003-07-01 06:16:52 ET

CG: yep...we did drink quite a bit. hehe

DC: slave will be posted soon

TS: nice! please do so!

2003-07-01 07:34:41 ET


2003-07-01 12:18:38 ET


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