2003-07-11 11:47:31 ET

today's word is absurd.

i have an absurd amount of work due in an absurdly short time. some songs on chimera are absurdly good, some are absurdly bad. cherries are absurdly good, frozen food is absurdly bad. i need to get absurdly drunk sometime soon, and then rock the absurd hangover.

if you look at the word absurd long enough, it starts to look absurd.

2003-07-11 11:48:59 ET


2003-07-11 11:55:29 ET

how absurd this post is! lol

2003-07-11 12:10:57 ET

cherries are the testicles of the fruit world, though technically all fruit contain seed

i'm an absurd person

2003-07-11 17:15:56 ET

ohh my, that's absurd.

2003-07-11 21:04:33 ET

secret to life: everything is absurd...it's just degrees baby

2003-07-12 01:15:54 ET

i ate 2 pounds of cherries the other day :-X

2003-07-12 06:08:41 ET


2003-07-12 10:17:37 ET

after reading your post, 'absurd' starts to not become a word in my head...

I dunno... I'm strange... ^_^

2003-07-12 15:03:44 ET

haha, i killed absurd!

2003-07-12 22:40:46 ET

I want Absinthe so bad it's absurd. Regular booze is absurdly terrible compared with the absurdly good absinthe, if I were you I get absurdly drunk on that.

2003-07-13 01:46:06 ET

i had that once. i had an absurd hangover from it...but i did get mad drunk. lol

2003-07-13 11:40:02 ET

Did you get it with wormwood?

2003-07-13 13:09:55 ET

i dont think so...it was some czech stuff, not the real deal

2003-07-13 21:08:28 ET

Come to Canada we have the good shit.

2003-07-14 00:26:34 ET

mmm good canadian shit!

2003-07-14 03:51:56 ET

i'm there!

2003-07-21 14:43:17 ET

i like the word forsooth better. nyah.

2003-07-21 14:49:15 ET

thats a good one!

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