2005-07-22 00:39:32 ET

Upright Citizens Brigade is my new favorite show.


Don't brush me off.


2005-07-22 05:23:00 ET

i have never heard of that show. heh

2005-07-22 09:38:56 ET

that is so sad.
it was on Comedy Central a while ago...like, 1998.
you must check it out.

2005-07-23 02:29:39 ET

How could you not know that show. Are they showing reruns now? I hope so.

2005-07-23 08:29:51 ET

sometimes, really late at night, they do.
but! season one is out on DVD!

2005-07-23 20:17:24 ET

well i mean the name sounds familiar but ive never seen it..or actually heard the name

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