2005-09-24 23:31:42 ET

Why do boys suck so much?
They're all liars, cheats, and whores.
In that order.
Except, sometimes whoring comes before cheating.
But, that would depend on the guy.
In this case, just one.
His name starts with a K.
And rhymes with Tyler.

But even moreso...
Why do girls suck so much?
They're all liars, cheats, and whores!
But mostly just whores.
One in particular.
Her name starts with a Jo
And ends with a Sie Adams.

Um, the point of the story is that spying is the coolest thing ever in the world (next to Marty McFly). I should be a professional. I'll have to learn to avoid cans on the sidewalk AND THE STREET?! How is that even possible?!

K, well, Kayla and I are going to go have a sleepover now. We'll be having a pillowfight in our underwear and baking cookies and chatting to boys and giggling all night. :)

2005-09-25 00:01:37 ET

People are liars cheats and whores
ontop of that alot of them jsut suck too

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