2005-11-03 23:58:54 ET

Things I need to stop doing:

thinking about movie theater kid
calling him "movie theater kid" (his name is Zach)
biting my nails
staying up so late
falling in love with Rune (seriously, it's so last year)
putting off World Civ homework
being skeptical about Kyler
having sad dreams
getting jealous...of everyone...
talking to myself on the street
avoiding Kim
holding grudges toward Mary
staying up so late
liking sad bastard emo music (okay maybe not...)
boasting about how awesome I am
wasting time on the computer (doing nothing)
feeling sorry for myself
taking too much medicine

2005-11-10 09:51:09 ET

i need to stop 5 of those.

2005-11-10 13:17:33 ET

in addition to how many of your own?
why do these lists always seem infinite?

2005-11-10 16:11:20 ET

oh man.. too many. way too many.

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