2005-12-20 06:31:17 ET

Life was so much easier when I had 4 friends. Who would have ever thought I'd be complaining about being popular?

I'm going snowboarding today. I'm so excited! Snowboarding is one of the things that I actually feel comfortable and even attractive while doing. I get a sort of confidence when I do it, and I love that. I can't wait! And I'm going with Kurt, which will probably be a lot of fun.

So, obviously, home is home. Things are different, but I've been bustling about so much that I hardly notice. Maybe when/if life slows down I'll be able to figure out how I really feel about Helena.

2005-12-20 06:41:26 ET

In my humble opinion I say you bone Helena, and snowboard all over people you don't like.

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