a question for you
2006-11-01 09:23:15 ET

one month without sugar! man, i'm awesome.

i need to learn how to cook a thanksgiving turkey. i'm having dinner guests this year, and i mustn't disappoint. thanksgiving is the best. an entire holiday devoted to food...amazing.

it is a sad day when you'd rather stuff envelopes than do data entry. i wish there was a window in here so i could see that storm we're supposed to be having today.

what's the weather like where you are?

2006-11-01 09:32:37 ET

It looks blue out and chilly. At least the last time I was outside.. a few hours ago.

One thing I learned upon my first turky attempt -- don't forget to take out the bags of neck and gizzards! dude.. I'm reallllly glad my mum got home before the inside of the turky started getting warm. heh
Betty Crocker is your freind. ^^

2006-11-01 09:37:25 ET

very suny and pleseantly warm for november

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