no more bullets in battle creek
2006-12-05 11:14:57 ET

it seems everything is looking up for me lately.
i'm content.
i've been going to free movies and planning nights at the theatre.
i turned everything into sccc and now all i can do is wait.
i'm buying a christmas tree today.
we're getting a canary soon.
it snowed in the city, and it was beautiful
i go back to Montana in 10 days.
office parties with jackie are fulfilling and easy-going.
jeff is confusing sometimes, but mostly just fun.
amanda is happy with matt, and i'm glad.
reading adbusters gives me a false sense of rebellion, and i like it.
going to work isn't as painstakingly difficult as it used to be.
i do sit-ups every day for no real reason or goal.
i've been remembering my dreams.
gunnar is in new york, and i'm so excited for him.
i'm no longer looking for that fairy tale definition of "love."

why are you happy?

2006-12-05 11:54:22 ET

im happy cuz life seems to be treating me good, i have spending money when i should have none due to bills.
its not money as to why im happy, but it helps.

2006-12-06 05:51:52 ET

i understand; money is a huge factor in happiness. sad that it has to be that way though...

2006-12-06 07:12:54 ET

it truely is a shame.

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