2009-07-11 22:06:48 ET

I'm utterly bored of my hair... so, I need you guys to help me decide wtf to do to it... so here goes...

Option A: redish - kind of like this:

Option B: keep the purple

Option C: black/dark-brown

Sooo- what do you guys think?

2009-07-11 23:16:19 ET

the red is pretty with your eyes but I think I'd opt for the black/dark brown. You can always add fun high lights and stuff to it.

2009-07-12 03:18:57 ET

i was gonna say do the reddish and the black/dark brown

2009-07-12 06:12:40 ET

I'm a fan of whatever the natural color is, heh.

2009-07-12 18:23:38 ET

like a choc. brown

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