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kaboom... there goes a 2004 GSXR 750 cartwheeling down the interstate
2013-07-28 14:37:24 ET

On last Monday (7/22) I cartwheeled the GSXR down the interstate on my way to work. Still hurts to type, so I'll elaborate details later. My RS Taichi boots and Shoei X12 did their job. My only injuries are road rash (stomach, hands, arms, chest, minimal on legs) to everyone's amazement. I'm convinced of the merits of gloves and will be re-evaluating jacket options once I am healed and the bike is back up but as a full-figured female it will probably be something custom as I have two off the rack textiles that fit so horribly I can't say they would've helped much. I will ride again for recreation and hopefully a track day but I personally am done commuting on the bike in Florida. Here's pictures:

2012-06-09 15:42:58 ET

I have good things to say for once - well, good and bad but as positive as they can be.

Due to the increased flare-ups I've been having with my skin condition (hidradenitis suppurativa), I applied for disability in April 2012. This week I was notified it was approved. I can still work part-time, stay in school, but they will pay a certain amount which will help me out immensely. Plus I get Medicaid which is great as I'm approaching getting kicked off my parent's health insurance.

On an even more positive note, I took the GRE today and scored above the requirements for every grad program I've been looking at. Even on the quantitative section which I was wicked scared over.

Also, Greg is working as a Pharmacy Tech and it seems to be going well. He doesn't like the job but it pays money and doesn't give him too much bullshit.

Oh yeah, I didn't even share with you guys how awesome my bike looks! Though I'm hoping the latest round of thigh aliens closes up soon so I can ride it. :(


2012-05-18 13:07:04 ET

Enemy is defined by Merriam-Webster as "one that is antagonistic to another". It seems to have been said to keep your enemies close, but maybe I'm keeping mine a bit too close.
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2012-04-13 06:37:45 ET

Well, some people have the worst luck.

It's been a few months so let me bring you guys up to speed. Greg first found a job as a telemarketer, but we urged him to quit after the "contract" they wanted him to sign had, I kid you not, 8 pages of single spaces, size 12, times new roman font, of statements that said "if you do x you will not be paid."

Then a couple weeks later brings us to last weekend, where he found another job, with a local Mazda dealership. His first day was yesterday. Last night he shared with me about a particularly difficult customer who despite having 5 pairs of $200+ shoes in his trunk, $5000 in audio, custom paint, and rims felt he was entitled to free stuff and/or discounts. From the beginning he was trying to get free stuff from the dealership. Just a completely obnoxious fellow. Greg and I had a laugh about it last night and just kind of chatted about how some people are so fucking entitled it's ridiculous, had a good evening, and went to bed.

Fast forward to this morning, I'm lazily getting out of bed, in the shower when I hear the front door open. I'm naked, walk around to a spot I can see the door with a gun as I wasn't expecting Greg home and we don't live in the nicest area. Relax, kids, this isn't the part where I shoot him or anything, but it is Greg walking through the door. He is mad as hell and I'm trying to figure out what is going on, I don't even have contacts in at this point so I can't even see all the facial expressions and shit.

I come to find out that the individual who wanted discounts yesterday called and complained that he found a wheel loose 6 hours after it left the dealership. For those of you not mechanically inclined I'm going to explain: if a mechanic left your entire wheel loose (i.e. all the lugnuts) you're going to notice when you drive out. You're probably even going to stop your car within 20 feet and not even go backwards before stepping out and taking a look. If you notice it 6 hours later, it didn't happen or you pissed someone off after you left. The service manager knows it's bullshit and that this person is trying to scam the dealership for free shit. However, the store's general manager accosted Greg as he clocked in and sent him home while they investigated.

Now we have closure: Greg has been fired. Despite the customer refusing to bring the car back in so they can verify any of this actually happened and this particular customer having only spent $200 with the dealership but saying he'd never come back, Greg is too much of a risk to have working there.

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