2011-11-09 12:38:36 ET

Getting drinks with my mom tonight. I have lots of stuff to tell you guys later.

Like how Greg's motorcycle fell off the AAA tow truck while they were unloading it and now it doesn't run at all. Oh yeah, tow company denied the claim - said we had already unloaded it and started walking off with it when it fell. Repair estimate is over $2500. I love how people can blatantly lie and the problem just goes away. We're suing the fuckers.

2011-11-08 15:55:20 ET

I've lost 22 pounds and not a single jean size. That's demotivating.

2011-10-24 15:01:06 ET

Well, another year come and gone. I'm 23 now.

I just got back from Minneapolis over the weekend. I. want. to. move. SO BAD!

Also, I have this goal I want to tell you guys about. To get my boyfriend's jeans on. Why? Well, so I don't have to buy clothes for my crossdressing days. Duh.

2011-09-17 17:15:37 ET

I look a lot better in photographs than I do in real life. Anyone else ever have that feeling?

Also, Higher One (company who distributes my school's financial aid refunds) fucked up majorly. This is going to be bad and I'm powerless over it until Monday.

Also, Greg made friends with some Legion of Doom people so we're going to ride out to some event with a real MC. lol.
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