2012-01-24 16:44:57 ET

I'm starting to feel like I just don't like my boyfriend much. I have zero tolerance for his attitude anymore - when he acts unsympathetic, critical, or in other words a douche bag (which seems to make up 95% of the time) I'll stop whatever plans we are in the middle of and we'll go home. I'm sick of paying for more than myself and being subjected to douche baggery on top of it. It's like, you know I don't have to bring you out to eat in a restaurant, I don't even have to make you dinner so you could either talk to me without being a jackass or not come with.
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2012-01-02 11:09:44 ET

I'm having a hard time the last few weeks/months/I don't even know how long. I don't feel capable in doing much of anything whether it's my bike, academically, or even holding a job - I keep waiting for my employer to fire me and realize I'm not competent or waiting for my boyfriend to leave and realize I just suck at everything. I'm also developing a worse fear of the general public - I get freaked out when people look at me as I feel like they're staring and all the negative thoughts and comments polite society is unwilling to say get beamed in my direction.

2012-01-01 11:05:07 ET

Well, I'm kind of like halfway down to staircase that leads to that deep end people talk about going off of.

2011-12-20 18:20:05 ET

I think my face is slimming and my double chin is shrinking. But I'm not sure how I feel about the thick eyebrows.

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