kaboom... there goes a 2004 GSXR 750 cartwheeling down the interstate
2013-07-28 14:37:24 ET

On last Monday (7/22) I cartwheeled the GSXR down the interstate on my way to work. Still hurts to type, so I'll elaborate details later. My RS Taichi boots and Shoei X12 did their job. My only injuries are road rash (stomach, hands, arms, chest, minimal on legs) to everyone's amazement. I'm convinced of the merits of gloves and will be re-evaluating jacket options once I am healed and the bike is back up but as a full-figured female it will probably be something custom as I have two off the rack textiles that fit so horribly I can't say they would've helped much. I will ride again for recreation and hopefully a track day but I personally am done commuting on the bike in Florida. Here's pictures: http://imgur.com/a/scLVW

2013-07-28 15:41:28 ET

Glad you're okay (all things considered)!

2013-07-28 17:32:17 ET

Thanks! I keep going.

2013-07-29 02:39:42 ET

Hope you weren't at fault. Sounds like a costly accident. Glad you're safe, those are some wicked road rashes.

2013-07-29 04:09:42 ET

LOL. Drake. You sound like me.

2013-07-29 04:12:09 ET

Do my best!

2013-07-29 10:45:35 ET

I've never understood why people ride without full gear. You would have had almost no injuries had you been wearing proper gear. Why suffer the pain and ER bills if you can help it? I don't get it. No excuse is sufficient to me.

2013-07-29 16:09:01 ET

Just like you - if no excuse is sufficient to you, you haven't thought hard enough. I have hidradenitis suppurativa - my skin doesn't sweat properly and makes boils that tunnel and lead to abscesses that take longer to heal than the road rash. I can now say with certainty road rash hurts less than that flare up. So, I have no regrets. My 4 years of riding and not getting unreasonable flare ups versus my week recovering from road rash is a trade I took and would take again knowing the consequences.

Everyone else - thank you for your well wishes. I am "not at fault" but the other party ran, witnesses didn't get a tag, and I have comprehensive coverage that isn't paying.

2013-07-29 17:27:48 ET

I've been riding on and off for 11 years, and I've never gone out once without full gear. It's prevented a few things that could have been very bad. Your explanation still doesn't sound sane to me. You got lucky, and that's great, but it could have been a case where you ended up without any skin left to turn into a boil. Is losing all your skin a risk you're willing to take, too? I was once incapacitated for three weeks because I landed very unluckily after a crash and both my knees were bruised and almost all the skin was gone. I was wearing thick riding jeans and it would have been way worse if I was wearing regular jeans.

I wasn't trying to be an asshole, I just really don't understand people like you that come up with excuses how wearing nothing is better than being protected. I remember you posting years ago about how a car hit you and you stayed upright. You got lucky then, too. Your riding career may have been over at that point. A proper jacket vents beautifully. I have a Cortech I've never got sweaty in. And if your skin really is that bad, how have you survived track days? If a jacket makes your skin feel as bad as it does, how on earth do you ride around hard for hours without being in pain? I've done track days at Jennings in Fall. Moroso and Homestead in Spring. Florida weather is brutal, but a good suit doesn't feel any worse than walking around.

I just care a lot about people's safety when riding. I still think you're incredibly wrong, but to each their own. Good luck.

2013-07-29 18:52:54 ET

Currently the only treatment shown effective for my skin is to remove the skin past the tunnels very deeply so... If the road wants to do that for me... (Yes, I'm being a bit snarky there -we can agree to disagree on this one.)

As far as skin pain its severe enough I'm considered permanently disabled by social security. When I went to the track I split a day with someone and only did one session due to heat and consequently pain. When I go back it will be in the cool season. :)

And you're right, I did get lucky, again. For that I'm thankful.

2013-07-30 01:24:26 ET

You should see people bin RI. Most of the people you see ride without a helmet.

2013-07-30 01:32:26 ET

I dont know how it works in FL but, in MD, comprehensive wouldnt cover a hit and run.

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