2012-06-09 15:42:58 ET

I have good things to say for once - well, good and bad but as positive as they can be.

Due to the increased flare-ups I've been having with my skin condition (hidradenitis suppurativa), I applied for disability in April 2012. This week I was notified it was approved. I can still work part-time, stay in school, but they will pay a certain amount which will help me out immensely. Plus I get Medicaid which is great as I'm approaching getting kicked off my parent's health insurance.

On an even more positive note, I took the GRE today and scored above the requirements for every grad program I've been looking at. Even on the quantitative section which I was wicked scared over.

Also, Greg is working as a Pharmacy Tech and it seems to be going well. He doesn't like the job but it pays money and doesn't give him too much bullshit.

Oh yeah, I didn't even share with you guys how awesome my bike looks! Though I'm hoping the latest round of thigh aliens closes up soon so I can ride it. :(

2012-06-09 16:03:16 ET

do you need to be nationally or state certified at all, to work as a tech in FL?

2012-10-02 14:57:53 ET

He started without certifications. He is now state certified and soon will be working on becoming nationally certified.

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