2009-07-14 15:55:31 ET

I must say, I really like this site better than IAM. It's a lot more community based, people actually talk to each other... :D

2009-07-14 16:34:15 ET

I (was) Heather on iam. Been on both sites for a long time.


2009-07-14 17:18:16 ET

I used to be on IAM - but I never talked to anyone there. I tried to reach out to people and no one wanted to say 'hi'.

2009-07-14 17:19:45 ET

It's become a lot more closed off, I'll admit. After being on there for more than half a decade, I can only say I've made about three close friends. Hi anyway!

2009-07-14 19:17:24 ET

It happens. Hi to you too!

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