2009-07-15 13:24:50 ET

I'm having the tastiest snack ever. I call it the salt bowl. It is a handful of pickles, some green olives, and a few banana peppers.

2009-07-15 13:26:37 ET

damn, i want pickles and banana peppers now!

2009-07-15 13:29:36 ET

Do it!

2009-07-15 13:43:21 ET

my mouth is now watering.

2009-07-15 13:48:12 ET

i am going to have to buy some at the store this week!

2009-07-15 14:55:11 ET

that sounds soo good

2009-07-15 15:44:44 ET

It was very good. I assure you.

2009-07-15 16:38:59 ET

I don't even like pickles or olives, but something about this... yes please.

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