2009-07-28 12:40:07 ET

Bear with me for the bad organization, I'm a bit freaked.

Due to some recent incidences with Matt I'm moving out tonight, unbeknownst to him. Is that the right way to do things, no. But my personal safety is paramount. I'd like to talk to him before I go but I'm afraid of what he'll do during the inevitable freak out, so I'm moving everything tonight - while he's at work and writing him a letter.

Scott is taking me back under the condition I go see a therapist for awhile, my first appointment is tomorrow at 12:15. He believes me on how I was treated up there because apparently I was talking like a little girl (higher pitched voice) which I guess is a sign of psychological abuse.

I wish I wouldn't have been so stupid. This could all have been avoided.

2009-07-28 19:09:36 ET

how are you holding up?

2009-07-28 19:34:27 ET

hope the therapy helps with your issues. i have had to move out like that before, its tough and harsh but if you feel like you cant be there when he finds out, i totally get that.

2009-07-29 08:52:19 ET

I will persevere as always. I'm out.

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