2009-10-22 11:26:54 ET

An acquaintance of mine passed this week in a motorcycle vs. car accident.

A large SUV made an illegal turn in to the motorcycle, there was nothing she could have done. She died at the scene. The driver of the SUV walked away with a citation for "improper turn" and nothing more.

Fuck Florida.

2009-10-22 11:42:57 ET


2009-10-22 12:20:43 ET

i'm sorry *hugs*

2009-10-22 12:47:51 ET

i hope her family sues the utter living shit out of them.. like they have to crap into a payment envelope it's so extreme.


2009-10-22 13:01:12 ET

Total bullshit imo.

2009-11-14 13:54:18 ET

are you talking about francesca? if so, that would be really strange you knew her and i happened upon this. i had wondered what happened to the driver who hit her.

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