2009-11-15 17:25:08 ET

So, I got offered the most theft proof motorcycle ever.

I just need hello kitty & barbie stickers.

2009-11-24 19:05:32 ET

i have one like that but it's all black....this is pretty but i'm not sure if i could honestly ride it around lol

2009-11-30 04:57:24 ET

I totally could. But, I'm a bit obnoxious anyways. The girls I've made friends with who ride are ironing hello kitty patches on to the back of stunt vests for summer and we're going to have a hello kitty biker gang.

2009-11-30 06:14:08 ET

that's so awesome! lol....

but i'll leave the pink stuff to you guys. i don't like to wear pink when i ride. most of my stuff is black.

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