2009-12-02 22:44:56 ET

I have new hair. It is sea monster, look @ my gallery for more... yay.

2009-12-02 23:02:07 ET

wicked awesome.

2009-12-03 00:52:25 ET

Hell yeah dude.

2009-12-03 03:38:57 ET

i love it!

2009-12-03 17:31:10 ET

Thank you. :)

2009-12-08 17:44:35 ET

ahhh you make me miss dyeing my hair, I love the pretty colors!
but I hate the up-keep :\

2009-12-09 09:43:32 ET

I have this great girl who works at a salon that touches it up every 5-6 weeks $60 a pop - it'd cost me almost that much to just buy the 5 shades of dye... lol. I only wash it once a week unless it needs it more, so it holds up for then.

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