2010-02-16 20:28:51 ET

Here's my shiny:

2010-02-19 14:40:01 ET

i can has?

srsly i just came


2010-02-20 19:38:55 ET

is all mine!

2010-02-20 21:00:19 ET

Boo! I miss mine so bad. Can't wait til it's warm again!

2010-02-21 18:52:52 ET

Move somewhere without winters, but then summers are horrible.

2010-02-21 19:06:04 ET

eh i'd rather be too hot than cold. like today...6 inches of snow...ridiculous!

2010-02-21 22:06:23 ET

You'll be saying that until it's so hot you will actually pass out at a light in the summer with full gear. Florida is why stunt vests should fit boobs.

2010-02-22 08:19:37 ET

Oh I'm a bad person. In the summer I only wear a mess jacket and glasses.

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