2010-03-17 11:54:01 ET

I wanted to ride the bike today but it doesn't look like I will because it's St. Patrick's Day and I'd rather not deal with drunks.

2010-03-17 12:49:11 ET

Consider ridding the bike and then have a 6 pack ready to go. When you start getting mobbed you can simply toss one of the bottle off in a direction. The drunks will see this and chase after the beer. Thus clearing you way.

Also consider police baton. It may not do anything, but beating drunks over the head while riding a bike might have some sort of cathartic moment to it in a midieval sort of way.


2010-03-17 17:40:56 ET

LOL! Great suggestions. I'm not having the best night so thanks for that.

2010-03-17 17:43:56 ET

Sorry to hear, poke me if you want to chat... though I'm going to bed soon, I hear the study of the pillow is very interesting.

2010-03-17 18:18:14 ET

LOL. Thanks.

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