2010-03-26 20:40:17 ET

I love unexpected sucky surprises. Not.

I went out to visit my bike which I didn't feel like riding.
Went somewhere I didn't want to be because I secretly wanted to be there.
Made food I don't want to eat.

"I've cut all of the pertinent wires, so my eyes can't make that connection. I am holding my breath, I am feigning my death when I'm looking in your direction."

So yeah, come to realize - I must've been some dude's midlife crisis. I don't want to talk about it more than that.

2010-03-27 06:38:56 ET

*offers hug* sorry to hear that.

What kind of bike BTW

2010-03-27 18:05:06 ET

GSXR 750.

2010-03-28 06:53:51 ET

ohh my. Fast girl is fast.

2010-03-28 19:18:49 ET

Yes. lol.

2010-03-29 12:47:53 ET

pics or its not true =P

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