2010-04-15 23:22:59 ET

In the car world we often say that just because someone can afford a supercar doesn't mean they can drive it. The same applies to penises - just because its large doesn't mean he knows how to use it. Unfortunately.

2010-04-16 11:19:47 ET

same goes with vagina's

2010-04-17 20:27:54 ET

soo what about the dude with a big cock and has a super car?

2010-04-18 12:51:53 ET

some guys think that if they're well equipped all they have to do is whip it out and us girls just orgasm from the sight of it...

no boys...NOT true...

2010-04-18 15:47:57 ET

This has been a public service announcement to benefit boys with big equipment.

Once upon a time I had this one dude who seriously felt like a robot as far as rhythm went...

2010-04-18 16:18:04 ET

This dude I was really into in high school was fairly massive but when we finally had sex he put it in and it was over. Just like that.

I liked him a lot so I gave him the benefit of the doubt again. And again. And again. It never lasted more than literally five seconds. :(

So I was over that purty quick.

2010-04-18 17:53:11 ET

i could make a wildly inapropriate comment here... but i will refrain.

2010-04-18 18:43:23 ET

That sucks motard... lol.

2010-04-19 15:03:32 ET

it's cause you're so snexy motard ;) lol

no rly i remember the first time i had sex and it lasted longer than 20 min...i was amazed lol!

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