2010-04-24 16:33:43 ET

I have a new crush.
He's awesome.
But, I doubt it's mutual.

2010-04-26 07:34:03 ET

I fucking hate that.

2010-04-26 17:15:20 ET

good luck. also, sorry i have been buissy and unable to comment.

2010-04-26 18:21:22 ET

only one way to find out ;)

2010-04-27 17:39:22 ET

Oh darlings he's totally unavailable... at least he's pretty to look at.

2010-04-27 18:18:14 ET

mmmm....have lots of those in my life lol...

2010-04-28 06:54:02 ET

Shucks. Riiight?

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