2010-04-30 10:59:41 ET

I wish I was half as good as you think I am.

I spent a bit of the evening with 954 (that's what we're calling him). We played on bikes and chatted. And then he knocked over a barrier accidentally and remarked on how he wanted it. So once I took the bike home I came back and got it and left it by his garage. lol. I got a lot of "you're fucking awesome" texts... lol. I wish I could read him though...

BTW loves, this is my unavailable crush.

2010-04-30 11:03:05 ET

Im in a very similar situation.

2010-04-30 13:31:52 ET

Doesn't it suck. Lol.

Oh well I'm having fun.

2010-04-30 14:20:14 ET

That's the best thing to do.

2010-04-30 18:41:10 ET

so much for being unavailable

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