2010-05-10 19:37:00 ET

Once the insurance company and I settle on the property damage I'll post pics up.

I've done a lot of thinking on WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T I CRASH. The only thing I can think of that seems to be unique in this situation is that I didn't freak out. Apparently a lot of people freak out. I was riding along, minding my own business and my bike begins to be pushed in a direction I'm not riding it. I look down on my left side, see the car and think "Why the fuck is there a car attached to my bike?" I kept the bike going forward, she went in front of me completely ignoring my presence and that was when I had to follow her.

954 wants me to come with to Seattle. Like to move.

2010-05-11 06:58:22 ET

mood = ACDC Thunderstruck

sooo the wife has his balls yet he still asks you to move to Seattle... hmm... You think you can grow him an even bigger pair so he tells her "shove it your ass"... and how about you?... How difficult is it really to throw the heart of the guy who serenaded you naked into a place of cold broken glass and rusty nails... maybe its time to ride... ride hard 3000 miles across the main land... pft... Karma never did Earl anygood... maybe its time to show the world just how beautiful speed can be...

2010-05-11 18:30:18 ET


Wife definitely no longer has his balls from what I've seen today.

2010-05-12 04:00:15 ET

yes... it is... you must therefore share... continue to share... what did you see yesterday?... don't mind me too much, I just enjoy playing devil's advocate sometimes...

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