2010-05-14 12:54:04 ET

Pictures from the bike wreck.

This is the pos that hit me:

Here is some of the damage:

The reason the insurance company wants to total it is because the way the frame slider was hit it stretched the hole in the frame it was attached to.

2010-05-14 16:33:42 ET

hhmmm... smells funny to me... don't be upset at my thoughts Alex, but you're not into insurance fraud are you?.. a cute lawyer's daughter who knows her way around the legal system, tight for cash... I don't know,... hmmm... how much are you settling for Alex? 5, 6K? Enough to make a quick gettaway to seattle mmmm... Start fresh you and that new man-meat of yours... gosh! if only you had remembered to fall as planned!! you'd be getting 50k easy... but you did good... you did good...

2010-05-14 17:27:09 ET

LOL. Are you my internet stalker?

2010-05-14 18:13:15 ET

Why you gotta use that word... it has such a bad repetuare... can I just be a long time reader first time commenter... who wants to mess with you a little

2010-05-16 16:53:49 ET

Man that fucking sucks. :/ and yeah that car has no right to take out a bike like yours..

2010-05-16 17:18:10 ET

Yeah, dude it blows. But hey what can I do.

2010-05-18 04:56:19 ET

You are not a man... and Heather is not a dude... or am I missing something?...

I just want to say I am not going to mess with you anymore...

what about Rhode Island? its colder, close to canada, near the big city, coastal,.. If not California... its not humid there and weed is legal...

2010-05-18 05:28:39 ET

this guy... /points

2010-05-18 05:41:15 ET

my use of ... denotes a pause indicating my brain has not finished computing what to say

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