2010-05-27 19:05:59 ET

I fell apart in front of him. I didn't mean to. I'm shocked he wasn't like all gtfo crazy. He actually just held me and said twice "I love you, I don't judge you, and I'm here if you want to talk or just want me to listen."

2010-05-28 02:31:04 ET

This right here is the most romantic situation ever! This is the kind of thing you want to happen cause it means you are accepted, it means you can therenafter be yourself and he would love you and wont judge you and would be there for you...

yes you want this to happen but don't even think about synthesizing it.

2010-05-28 04:18:30 ET

you want to hear an even more romantic situation... picture if you will the worst day of your life... you are at the brink of epic fail, you tried and tried you gave it all you had and it came to nothing... you are at the brink of epic fail... tomorrow will be hell, tonight its just the calm before the storm... you go to a club of your choice... tonight all you want to do is drown yourself in music and alcohol... as you enter the club a favorite of your songs is playin, and upbeat song... the perfect song... a sweet perfect song... slowly you tune into it... slowly you start dancing by yourself... your body clings to the song, you feel safe... but your mind... your mind is restless... tomorrow will be hell, you are at the brink of epic fail... god, dam it you forgot the alcohol... your body clinging to the song ever harder... you do not want to loose it right now... but your mind knows, it knows this shit is just not fair... and right before you loose it... about to shed tears but not quite... WTF!... you find youself at the arms of someone... you look up and say to yourself "maybe this shit aint so bad after all"...

alas... these days... when women fall apart, the guy is at the xbox... contributing to the rise of lesbianism...

2010-05-28 07:26:48 ET

lol. he sold his xbox to try to help pay my most recent speeding tickets.

Also, I've been being myself the whole time. I don't fake shit these days for anyone.

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