2010-06-01 03:53:32 ET

So, overall I think I had a pretty good weekend. Spent the night with him on Saturday and Sunday nights.

On Sunday he dragged me out to Lakeland to meet the folks. I think that went pretty well - until his bike broke down. We didn't get back to this area until 11:30pm. I went home shortly after that until he texted me at 12:15ish asking me to come back. I guess the ex-wife was getting on him pretty bad.

On Monday we just chilled all day, he made Thai Yellow Curry for dinner & worked on my car a bit. Then, I spent the night and drove him to work this morning because the bike is still down. :( Meh, oh well - at least I got to be held all night. =D

2010-06-01 10:03:40 ET

as a hobby of mine I like to look into the circumstances of when people break up... would you mind sharing the downfall of your relationships with Scott and Matt (I think,... the ex before Scott)... I do remember you sharing that Scott serenaded you naked... what was there then that is not there now... I mean if you can share the story of what happened it would be cool...

2010-06-02 20:18:19 ET

I'll give you the brief versions.

Matt was a psycho. He liked to wake people up with guns and was borderline abusive.

Scott is/was enthralled with WoW for a great many months. By the time he listened to me about priorities it had been too long to salvage and we no longer had anything in common.

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