2010-06-08 13:53:50 ET

Just to give you fair warning - parts of this are not PG rated. I won't be too explicit but yeah...

I spent from Friday night to Tuesday afternoon with 954. Over the weekend I helped him pack up his stuff and post the shit he didn't want on Craigslist to try to make a few extra bucks. On Monday we finished getting his stuff moved from the apartment they shared back to his parents' place that is 60 miles away. For the time being, I'm not permanently living up there but I'm probably going to be there most of the time...


So, 954 had some man issues during intimate experiences. I really thought it was me but he kept saying it wasn't and stuff like that.

Last night, while up at his parents house I really struggled to stay quiet. HOLY FUCK is that dude amazing... I don't think I've ever been so satisfied. Repeatedly.

I guess it really was the setting (his apartment vs. somewhere else) that made the difference.

2010-06-08 14:37:20 ET

his parents turn him on?

2010-06-08 14:52:15 ET

LOL. I think it was a safe environment...

2010-06-08 16:25:59 ET

I was thinking it, but not gonna say it... lol

2010-06-08 18:26:33 ET

that makes no sense! I guess he has some really cool parents cause mine there would be awkwardness all around the house for any sexual PDA... I can't even enjoy a movie like American Pie around them...

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