2010-06-21 14:31:29 ET

Lonely, bored, broke, and depressed.

Eating disorder has taken advantage of those things. I've consumed and puked more food in the past 36 hours than probably most people consume in a week.

I'd like to be smaller when I get him back - but I'll probably be bigger.

2010-06-21 14:34:29 ET

...are you going to therapy?

2010-06-21 14:45:24 ET

With what money?

If I could afford therapy I could afford gas in my bike and other distractions.

Edit: Motard- I know you're only asking to try to be helpful but I'm doing pretty bad.

2010-06-21 15:04:47 ET

They don't have public mental health programs where you live? That's what I'm on.

2010-06-21 15:36:22 ET

No. I'm in FL. We have almost no public health programs.

2010-06-21 15:45:28 ET

Well...fuck girl.

Maybe an ED support forum?

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